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one for the record books

In the midst of all the sawdust and tangled wires in the flat, neighbour knocks on the door last night. she's loud, sincere, hilarious and compassionate - she hasnt been to our place before. i see her in the lift often, with 3 adorable kids and an equally hilarious husband who laughs at her domineering ways and insists his place is the penthouse even though there are 4 floors above him...anyway, the wife came home last night and chatted and chatted...turned out to ne one of the most open people i've met in a while. this is one love story i wont forget.

'there's nothing such as love' she laughs, 'but my story is one for the record books.'

she tells me her husband used to be Roman-Catholic...he used to fix the computers at her workplace and constantly talk to the girl next to her. she didnt really care, but she didnt realise he had been trying to get her attention the whole time. after months, she finally agreed to get a lift from him to Davenport Centre for her lunchbreak..he takes a turn away from the centre and takes her to a place that overlooks the whole of Durban.

she asks: why'd you bring me here?

he says: i'd like to talk to you. can you close your eyes?

she says: why?

he says: no, there's something on your eyelash.

she closes her eyes and he kisses her.

'What'd you do that for?!' she screams.

he says, 'Why? didnt you like it?' (lol!!!)

He converted to Islam, they've had to go through hell because he's also Coloured. They've had to run away from home, make do with one gas stove, newspaper for curtain, a blanket nd a pillow...and yet, they've been together now for 19 years. amazing. the poor guy still wont go shopping with her - he insists she's crazy and too confrontational that it makes him blush, and she thinks that day he kissed her was probably the only time in his life he's confronted somebody...but they're just so loving. They've succeeded in life. and they joke all the time, they're genuine people. nothing is too out of their way.

its just sad that we've become so cynical of life, so indifferent...i woke up this morning angry.August isnt a good month for me. I drifted into sleep thinking about the thing i cannot change, the people who have interfered...wondering when next i would crumble. I'll try not to.
its important to live for the moment - the guy fixing your computer could be the guy you' d give everything up for ;)

for my friend who isnt feeling like smiling: i wish that happiness finds you. and while i doubt anything i say or do can come close to makng it all better, and i dont see you often, know that im here for you.

to mr. scone: you think you're a scone, but if you looked in the mirror, you'd see a brilliantly made croissant ;) i miss you immensely every single day.

i should be on my way...the stinky classroom with the stinky people is what awaits me today. lol, when i walked in on Monday, students were literally standing on the desks because a huge cat (which im sure was possessed) kept body-slamming itself against the walls! it was crazy! poor thing was as freaked out as we were.
i've officially been labelled 'Miss Succint Crypto-poetess' by Slugmail ;) this entry doesnt do much for that title though. sorry, im lazy to use the metaphors dancing around my head. i need to write at night. tata my lovelies...


M Junaid said...

ive been called the 'mediawhore' in that e-mail, with no credit to R who was perhaps the first one to label me such. tsk - no originality these days.

i prefer to be this kind of mediawhore http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Media_Whores_Online

as opposed to this http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=media+whore

qdee said...

lol hun, whore. you and joe have given 'cow' and 'whore' new meanings.

Waseem said...

I hope one day I have a good love story to tell, that makes people say aaw, but hopefully not as much strife. I dont want any tragic stuff

!Joe! said...

hehe, who knows, even the blinds guy could be hot ;)
eish, stay away from the cat, girl! I swear, fun things like that only happen to you!
Yes, in my book cow can mean idiot, or it could stand for something lovely. I love being all paradoxical and extreme like that, it's like wearing your panties over your skirt :)

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