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drawing the line...

I had a fat weekend. One of those unproductive couch potato weekends, where the world beyond your window doesn’t exist and your home, the caboodle of comfort just feels right. Caboodle. I like that word. And ricochet! Anyway, I trust you gobbled up the AR Rahman feast on Eastern Mosaic. It was yummy!! You have to catch the repeat. Yeah yeah, I never thought I’d be campaigning for the Vagaar, but it rocked! The picturisation on those songs were brilliant…swept me away.
My love for Smallville was reignited this weekend :D poor lovely Chloe got hit on the head and left on the road and Clark was like ‘shut up and tell me if Lana’s ok.’ Idiot. Lol, sorry, Im not a Lana fan. I wanna shake her and curl her hair or something. Im intrigued by Lex though. Something that swept me away in a bad way was prospective proposal from a weird place. Well, not place, just that I didnt expect I was being examined by a neighbor every time I went to visit my aunt. I always end up in these strange situations, where the mom might be cool, but the boy is whacked (as in this case), or the other way around. Or! I fall for the married boy ;) isn’t it human nature to want what you can’t have, or the one thing that’s really gonna mess you up. Then you hear crap like ‘you hurt the ones you love the most’ or god forbid, you end up talking crazy like that!
But im MissQ...the psycho magnet. Really, I should be employed by the government to sift out all of em from society and ship them off for treatment. Hmm, you think I’d get sawaab for such a humanitarian cause? Speaking of humanitarian causes and the plateau of deep thought that lugs along with it, I was watching 7th heaven (cringe as much as you want, I still think the lil baba’s are too cute!!) and the dad said that ‘women are crucial to religion, but religion isn’t always good to women. We can change that.’ Now, I donno whether they’ve discovered Islam, but I think it’s the people that ritualize religion, those who make it difficult for women to overcome there perceptions of the way things should be, that make it seem like religion’s to blame. I mean, we complain about uncouth people and the way the country’s going, but aren’t we leading the pack? We perpetuate hypocrisy and act Muslim, but we carry on doing nonsense, Muslim bosses haven’t gained their reputations by doing nothing – and at the end of the day, ‘outsiders’ aren’t stupid. They see right through us. Maybe not all of ‘us’ but people like that blacken the reputation of the whole.
I don’t know. Maybe im making too much out of an arb statement, but I just feel like flushing out the crap ;) hmm, oprah should do a show on that- with that Dr.Oz who looks like his mom scrubbed him clean and put ‘one nice side path an all.’ ;) Seriously, why does everything have to be so entangled in these annoying cords we end up strangling ourselves with? It’s a labyrinth of unnecessary confusion, some kind of self-inflicted maze where we end up losing ourselves and finding things that waste our time here and stunt our progress. Choices can either cripple or enhance a person’s quality of life, or rather- quality of being. Its annoying when people cant decide. There’s the daily confusion over what to wear (I’ll admit to those dilemmas), but when it comes to red or blue, friendship or love, black tea or white, it should be downright simple. So things are complicated? Please. People are dying in wars, you don’t know if you’ll wake up tomorrow and all this time you’re wasting is causing somebody else palpitations. Draw the line, erase it, whatever…just make a choice.


Waseem said...

Despite the seriousness of the post it made me laugh.
I guess someone has to be a psycho magnet but maybe eventually you will find a good psycho, a compromise of sorts.
I agree with you about the hypocrisy in religion, its one of the things I hate most, but I guess they will get whats coming to them.

The Organ Harvester said...

it's human nature to be stupid on things we should be clear about. like people that cry about wanting to be happy but cant. or want love but cant love anyone because no one can match up to the reflection in the mirror. and with regard to religion and the control of women, it doesnt take an honours degree to realise specific bias influences religion more than the actual religion. dogmatic and stupid men in essence.
but i'm above such petty inferences.:)
lekker post.

!Joe! said...

um, can someone please tell me what picturisation means? I've been hearing tha word often but I don't know what it means...:)
Lex is a mofo. :D
Ooh, you sound like my drama lecturer, make a choice :) I read an interesting article by Devi Rajab in The Mercury today, discussing Thabo Mbeki's paternalistic attitude to the women in government and how we are still oppressed today despite the many advances we have made in attaining our rights...Devi was always so smart:)
Yay, fat weekends rule! :D

qdee said...

im feeling yuk today. physically.
oh.yay.comments.i miss him.

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