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non-communicative heart failure

Bloggie, how do I apologize for abandoning you for so long and leaving you to the clutches of certain vile chatbox tenants ;) nevermind, after a quick anti-fungal rinse, you’ll be back to your pure, green state of bliss. The ‘spring giddiness’ was meant to leave a feeling of innocent childish joy, but it seems these bloggers would prefer to defile you. But what can we do…cuteness comes with a price.
This week has seen the breakdown of my social life and well, breakdowns in general. There was the end of last week’s mini-heart attack when I penned this last post for bloggie, but didn’t get to post on the day.

Morbid yet undrama-queen like post…the week moved on to my break up with technology, which saw me banging the computer (not in the way certain bloggers with innuendos will understand)…and then, yesterday saw the potential break up of communication between missQ and the group project members. Now, I knew it would come…the bitchiness. See, its incomprehensible to me, that after I go and do practically the whole thing, the person typing it would mess it up. But they proved me wrong, and messed it up!!! So I got saddled with the bulk of the thing and there I am trying to explain simple concepts to them, but they seem to have the attention span of fruit flies!!!! In any case, im just pulling my weight coz I have to get this subject over with with a rocking mark. Make dua for me…that I don’t start throwing things…or throw myself off the balcony. Coz that would really be a tragedy, coz I still haven’t worn my stripey top yet.

The weekend was a blast though!!! For you, my dear bloggie, I have documented memorable conversations from the week that was:

Lecturer: any questions?
Student (quiet girl): umm..how long should the report be?
Lecturer: maybe if you unwangled that g-string in your head, you’d remember what I told you ;)

Nazeer(mxit): what you up to?
Q: watching dirty ppl on an island.
N: survivor?
Q: yeah
N: ewness.

Girl: hehe, (flirting) you have bad writing
Boy: well you have a bad face.
Ouch! I was there when that happened. Not cool.

Watching smallville with Nikhat on mxit.
Q: lanabitch is on.
N: hey you got the car?
Q: yeah! Lets drive to smallville!
N: n run lana over!!!
Q: and slap her around a bit.
N: only a bit?
Q: ok we beat her up k?
N: and tie her up and volumise her hair ;) hey, you think lex waxes his head?

And just when your eyes were getting tired of the green and you thought I’d babbled on enough…here comes another paragraph ;) small hands boy..apparently he makes up for that with a huge ego. Besides, he wore something extremely un-co-ordinated yesterday, which just irked me!! why don’t guys dress properly? MATCH YOUR THINGS FOR GOD’S SAKE!!!! please. Do it for Q. and dress up sometimes, act like you have some style. And don’t wear white shoes!! EVER! Well. Except if you have that Robbie Williams thing going and you tend to look nonchalantly at desperate groupies screaming “Hey watsup?howyoudoing?please lemme be your friend!!” and respond with a sleepy nod that implies some priceless miniscule iota of recognition. Or you say ‘sup.’ See, this is why I blog- to keep rules alive! And also, to fill the void my friends left me with after they left me in a bundle in a box on the doorstep of MTB coz they thought I’d have a better life getting a degree. Dammit. Im starting to enjoy this blog thing again. I decided to delete the thing coz I don’t see the point of this anymore coz you cant write what you really want to and end up writing for an audience, but I made friends here. Damn you! ;)
Oh well, im off to bunk a lecture and get some work done. Im nerdy like that. Thus, my hypothesis states that wrong things can be done for the right reasons. Which,I might add, does not apply to all situations, such as stealing babies coz they’re cute, but does apply to killing mosquitoes to ensure missQ’s healthy life free of allergies to the wicked creatures.


Waseem said...

Am I one of the chatbox tenants, do we owe rent? I think the bathroom tap is leaking.

You must tell me if my style matches the Q standards, I am admittedly dont have much fashion sense. I buy things that look nice. Sometimes I ask my sisters opinion

!Joe! said...

"Do it for Q" - I think that should be your pay-off line...come on, get some style...do it for Q :) then grin toothily and raise an eyebrow...
I think we all have bad luck with groups...I don't get how they could mess up typing an assignment...how did they even get into the course?
ooh, bad face, that's cold...teach her to flirt-insult again...
Ew, anti-fungal rinse...it's because your blog's situated in a warm damp area...Durban :) Think we all need a humidifier.

Dew said...

i repeat to everyone

I won't mention certain other smallville charcters prancing around in bikinis at strip clubs who would qualify...

Lol, this was funny post. Me been sick:( but now im getting better:)

oh yeah and groups suck!

SingleGuy said...

I don't care if Lana is a bitch or not...I think the reason I'm still single is that FATE wants me to hook up with Kristin Kreuk a.k.a Lana Lang.

P.S. isn't it weird how her real name initials are also a double of the same letter?

qdee said...

waseem: yes, you owe rent- you have to pay me tonight, then i'll get the tap fixed. god. that made me sound like a prostitute. ahem. moving on...lol, i cant remember, but you'll be judged tonight and put into a category.

joe : ooh, rasie an eyebrow, my favourite look girl! hehe, yeah, thats why i need to move to jhb, maybe bloggie will be happier there.

dew:ok, lana's not a bitch.
she a hoe ;)
sowi love. aww, flu? everybody getting sick!!hope you're ok tho.

singleguy:LOL! its KK and LL, coz the poor thing would forget if her name if the initials were different ;)but anyway.good luck on your quest

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