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mum remembered melrose!

dam..i cant find pic of melrose cheese wedges :(
first day of campus today and mum remembered melrose! after like 7years of separation, melrose cheese and i have been reunited...it was a heavenly moment in Spar...the moment i made eye contact with the happiness in a circular container that had been missing all these years...and the words 'i have finally found my happiness' reverberated through the flat as i opened it ;) yeah yeah, sounds like utter bullshit to you, but i cant explain the effect melrose cheese has on me. Yesterdays paper said they're making a mehr coin for muslim brides that has the same value of a kruger rand and has the Ka'bah imprinted on it - sounds great, except my groom needs to have one made for me out of melrose cheese wedges ;) yeah baby!
when i was lil, my morning snack used to be a glass of milk, nuts and raisins...and melrose cheese wedges (which i aptly called 'cheesy with the moo') hehe..i think it was about the cow on the cover, Jo can relate ;)

dum da dum...i a bit bored already...sitting next to a very confused first year trying to figure out her courses. poor dingetjie. omg! 7de laan! how can Bart be dying?? thats so sad!! he so sweet and all sensitive and lovely :( dampened the last week of holiday...well, except till the granite came ;)
im in a mood. like, i wanna have a party on grass, like a braai or something - just outdoors! i saw these kids having a cute party in the park behind my house and it was soo cute! so i told mum : 'i wanna have a party too!'
mum: 'yeah, we could have family and friends braai for your birthday!'
Q: wow, that could be awesome! can we separate the mad friends and family and put em on the other side? ooh and then we could go to the beach etc...and wear all white breezy clothes, which can tie in with the lil white gazebo and so on...the weather would be perfect.
Mum: yeah..(absentmindedly) coz your birthday's usually in december...

i cant wait for Ramadaaaaan :) i just feel like this year's gonna be lovely. last year i had icecream for sehri alot and bugged mj on mxit. this year, im thinking...i'll still bug mj, but i should eat healthier things. if i sound over-excited, its coz i had to psych myself up for this day. and i get to see my friend Nikhat n the bus:Dshe's all sweet and cute and crazy - and doing masters in some hectic thing i cant pronounce...we have come up with a method of stalking i shall post later on.lol.
she's a ripper! love her to bits. she's totally unhypocritical (if thats a word) and smart and positive and funny. This is the semester of surrounding myself with positive vibes on campus ;)
think it'll work? i dunno. i magnet for nonsense sometimes. ok, me go now...
k...maybe now. k now i go.
i love this computer..the keys are all squishy and silent...
have lovely day!


Waseem said...

Hey Q, Im always the first to comment, it must seem like i have nothing better to do than wait for you to post for me to defile it with my comment. Honestly I have work though.

Ice-cream for sehri? i'm going to try that this year. I usually have boring Nutrific or Chocos to the point of the end of Ramadaan that I hate the sight of Nutrific. Not Chocos its all chocolatey and crunchy, cant stay mad at that for long

juju said...
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juju said...

juju said...
One of the most memorable SA catch phrases ever: "Oh boy! Mum remembered Melrose". See what you've done, now i have to buy some this weekend.

Sehri, i'm not picky, if its on the table and it's not moving, i'll eat it. I just make sure I eat and drink enough so that I can still play soccer during the day.

r said...

soccer while you're fasting? You're a brave one. Q honey i need your positive vibes this semester too! Coming to stalk you down =D

!Joe! said...

hehe,cows:) joe saw cows this weekend, HUGE udders! the melrose ad, as well as the cheese itself, was always such a lie, they looked good, all wedgy and gold-wrapped and cow-covered, but in reality tasted sick...sorry, i never did like them, despite the brilliant ad campaign...as for Ramadaan, i think i've said this to myself every year: eat healthy stuff! it never happens though...waseem i haven't had chocos since school...but pronutro is still my fave...i was so upset when they chose Ryk as the poster boy for pronutro...i drank in in my bottle man! ok, so i dont have a toned muscular body and olympic medals, but i am a brand ambassador of the stuff! i used to sing the song "jump!" all the time! i cut out the cool facts on the box, tried every flavour, told all my friends when they introduced neutroceuticel thingies into the mix...i want to say to them, like julia in my best friend's wedding, "choose me, pick me, i'll make you happy." :( damn them...sorry, you need positive vibes....
smile- :)
laugh- :D
make fun of people (joe is so stupid!) :)

The K-man said...

OH BOY MUM REMEMBERED MELROSE.... OH MY WORD...thanks for the memories, MELROSE CHEESE rocked. Damn i miss it.

qdee said...

waseem: lol, defile! your choice of words is too cute :) you should try reverting to cookies and cream icecream this year. after you betrayed it, i dont know if it'll take you back, but its way better that cereal ;)

juju: yay, its been by dream to brainwash you into consumerism ;) hun, you eat pineapple jam with roti and onion-egg - im sure it has potential to get up and dance on the table ;) you and soccer- its evil!

r: yay! ill make it easy for you. ill hold up a sign saying 'find me'

jo: im afraid we cant be friends anymore...you didnt like melrose
:( why didnt you tell me this at the outset of our freindship? why? :( i cant take this.i cant handle the betrayal. i'll phne you tonight.im sure this can be undone.

k-man: yum yum!!i have lexus biscuits in my lunchbox.the cheese one :P

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