3:41 AM

i saw the palm pilot and crashed

hmm..third post in one day- i know what you're thinking, 'this girls psycho,' but you ppl enable me ok!! with all your loveliness and joy that you bring to my life, i keep coming back ;) im a little freaked. i just met the cutest boy. Boy- he looked like one, but then, i look small, so i didnt see anything wrong in saying hi when we were introduced. omg. did i mention how cute he was?? anyway, so we were all chatting and i realised he was really brainy and had this smile to die for, until...my friend noticed his hands and we soon realised this boy had smaller hands than me!! and her!! how can that happen (no, i didnt let him see my hands just so i could touch him) but that was so freaky!!he was ripped though. i think he shouldve been worried. i cant like someone who has smaller hands than me!! and mine are tiny..and his were...soft. but tinier!!i thought i was deep, but i guess size matters.


Dew said...

Q, its your blog - you can post twenty times a day if you wan't.

Must show me little boy hands boy:)

SingleGuy said...

Don't feel bad QDEE....Men have hand issues too...

I once broke up with a girl, who I didn't like for various reasons. The biggest one though was that her hands were bigger than mine, he feet too!

As the great Jerry Seinfeld once said: "She had Man-Hands!!"

The Organ Harvester said...

lol@single guy.
true size does matter. but hey you know what they say, it's the motion of the ocean. wait we're talking about hands right? oh yeah no saving this. i mean you dont want keeper gloves for hands but then you dont want to feel like you're dealing with frodo.
hey there's nothing wrong with soft hands.

!Joe! said...

how did you know his hands were soft? :D

And where did the cute boy come from?! He must've taken the wrong bus or somethin'...

At least now you can buy miniature tea sets and stuff :D

qdee said...

hehe, dew: he's on campus, we need to hunt around for him on monday k?

singleguy: lol, erm, was she on steroids? ;) this boy had girl-hands! but i agree with you- its too freaky when the hand-size is off.

OH: lol, frodo ;) no saving it- really. imagine the wedding pics!! of the rings! ppl would be like 'which is the girl's hand?' lol

joe:coz he sized up his hand with mine.i met him through a friend, but hes on campus.lol, maybe the miniature sets will come in handy

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