11:06 PM

butterfly airshow

Q is writing an exam today - and its not like i should be freaking out about it, but like much else in life, its this fear of the unknown that makes me lose my mind. Q, if you havent noticed, likes to know the details and has to have some measure of control in order to stay sane. its always been that way. i am a 'control enthusiast' not 'freak'. surprises rock though, just make sure its pleasant ;) so here's to the end of the group project and stressing over things - in 2 weeks, i will hopefully be reveling in the joys of brainless shopping and too much chocolate cake. and also, im sooo tired of people reading too much into things and analysing every nuance of life...except things for the way they are and laugh a little. we are far too serious because we dont reflect on ourselves alot of the time.
nuance. that word sounding strange? maybe i saying it too much. like when you say reunion. or spell it - its a little weird. niki and i had this conversation the other day. speaking of whom, i gonna see today. yay!! hope she didnt get arrested foe blinding the pet shrimp Lewis, in the science department by taking pics of him...poor thing. like Shiraz blinding the turtle at Ushaka ;)

come to think of it, my friends share this liking for turtles...cant understand it, but it works for me gifts wise...anyway. ugh..i feeling a lil queasy...this exam thing doesnt work for me coz im in a small class and supervisors expect alot. i have never needed a holiday like i need this one. and i ned to see planes. as in the airshow... which i can never get enough of. i just wnat these butterflies in my tummy to like take a breather so i can make sense just now and wax lyrical about the joys of sampling techniques.
by the way- winter's officially here! bring out the boots and scarves and warm bear hugs :)

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