11:07 PM

petals of ice...

The stars have come out to play tonight
Glimpsing through prisms of rose-shaded dreams
Willing wishes to bloom
In a universe we call our own,
You and I have sketched eternity.
The remains of broken hearts that have
Chased the wind,
The old sequins that have lost their shimmer
Eternity has come and gone.
Roses wilt, new buds hold promise
Floating on the tide of time,
We tread on petals of ice.
The resilient material hunger,
Paralysing the soul with a stormy embrace.
Friendships falter in
The war of acceptance.
Swept up by dark waves to unforgiving shores.
Curtains fall, the lights fade,
The world buys your act
Playtime’s over.
Stars watch on, the clocks count the seconds lost.
And another rose wilts to soon in
The garden of faith.

11:26 PM

tagged by mj

its seems ive been tagged...so i guess i have to confess the shocking truth! i dont know how to say this...but im...the tooth fairy. and all you people havent been contributing and i may lose my job to the lack of clients and ever increasing inflation...
lol ok, too early to be here ;) here goes...5 things you dont know about me:

1. i hate dressing up - i hate losing much needed energy on dolling myself up to go to functions. but i must admit, when i eventually am dressed up, i tend to walk around like a flamingo, so i dont mind the end result, i just dont like the journey towards it.

2. im extremely irritable about people not conforming to my standards of punctuality. im one of those super organised gals (well recent events would oppose that) but i like being all early and prepared.

3. im a contradiction - i enjoy my privacy but long to be surrounded by my friends...i say i need space but all i want is a hug and im too proud to ask for one.

4. im insecure - i used to be very secure. i come across as an independent somewhat confident person, but recently my sensitivity has reached the heights of a dog's hearing capacity.lol. i think im still getting over being grilled in front of my class and being a loner this year.

5.im a domestic goddess :) put me in the kitchen and im in my element!

thats about it...well apart from some other things...and i make gift cards and sell em...one of my passions and mosaics.i love being surrounded by glitter and paper and that feeling of creating soemthing from scratch - some of my work:

lol, i try not to inhale the glue...but sometimes it just gets to me, hence the tooth fairy saga :)

10:55 PM

Conversations of another world…

Tired and somewhat annoyed, I plonked myself into the leathery discomfort of an overused bus seat near the window. The sun glaring at me – peeling away at my cheeks which by then had proudly resembled sun-dried tomatoes, the alcoves of my mind secretly wished someone wouldn’t fill the space next to me…invade my crowded thoughts which permeated that very place and seemed to need all the legroom and breathing space a sumo wrestler would consume.

Soon I realized my wish was not about to be granted when the sumo wrestler jumped back into my brain and the seat was taken…just my fate to get an unapologetic elbow in my chest or a malfunctioning olfactory gland due to my partners’ ignorance of deodorant, I anticipated my next move towards liberation in case of previous experiences of severe asphyxiation.

To my surprise, a friendly voice said hello and I looked up to see a blind girl sitting next to me who obviously sensed my squirming. She was friendly, confident and so at ease as the bus trudged along through a sleepy suburb into the bustling city…and we talked about studying, to the strange sea patterns, our families, to prospective marriage partners in islam…and then she asked, ‘are you white?’ followed by my silent surprise and the hilarious image in my mind, I said, ‘no, im indian’ and went on to describe myself to her after she commented that I sounded like I was in first year. All that time, I hadn’t realized that she had no idea what race, size, religion I was…and I had taken everything I saw and assumed about her for granted. But I think essentially what came through was her lack of prejudice. Usually, a conversation is quite rare with someone on the bus who you don’t know and who is a different race…and you sit there, embracing stereotypes and experiences that have informed your ethnocentricity instead of thinking beyond the walls and seeing the real person.

If we had no perception of colour, would we be as prejudiced? Would we be friends with the people we surround or would our horizons extend as far as they would allow us to?
In a country where our very own president draws a line in the cement, paradoxically while preaching ubuntu, will we ever cross the borders? Will we ever find similarities in people who aren’t of our own? Does the lack of sight have to become an eye-opener?
If anything, it was an inspiration. We all have scars and insecurities that aren’t always visible, but I dont know if I would be able to be as optimistic if I were her, let alone take the bus. Through different insights into different worlds, you stumble across strengths and jewels of faith that change your thought processes and redefine meanings in your own life.

11:04 PM


my presentation...how do i descibe it -- surreal. and not in a good way. stood up there, pointed nicely at the powerpoint i created myself, while the group looked on and nodded, filled in some of the many blanks my fellow speaker forgot...and at the end, got grilled. 5 questions. blank stares from my group. i ended up answering all of them quite bitchily.if thats a word.
oh well, im not in the best mood but dollop called and made me smile at like 7am ;)
hmm, bit unnerved by the huge waves and strong wind. u know im not the heaviest of people. hopefully my bag will weigh me down when i get near home...my neighbour is convinced ther'll be a tsunami -- rushed over on saturday insisting i read yaseen to save us from the calamity.i did, now im waiting for the waves.lol. im curious about this whole thing...
anyway, back to friday -- 2Go called!! and i hadnt spoken to her in aaages! and then i spoke to jo -- which can basically cheer anyone up.
i sound very rigid.im not liking the way the words are coming out today.
anyway, love you all. and miss my friends.really, dont feel like i have a place here anymore.cant wait to leave...

11:35 PM

miss you

miss you guys...i'l post when im alive next wednesday, when my presentation is over, when i get my life back and when i finally get the time to brush my hair.

2:24 AM


a million shards of crystal.
remains of resonance.
in a joker's mirror
an invisible soul

2:20 AM

happy birthday!

sumi :) happy birthday for yesterday...lol i know i probably sounded high at that time of the morning, but i really was enjoying cleaning my cupboards.hehe..
anyway, wish i could've been there...counting the days til you get to durbz.

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