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why its cool to be crabby

;) ok this is soo weird. im sitting next to this girly that looks just like joe...and i bet she thinks im extremely strange coz i keep looking at her...now if only i could find some kinda diversion...then i could snap a quick pic and blog it...the only diversion would be to scream 'fiyyyeh!! bring the waateh!' but then i think i'd have to leave..in handcuffs. i was watching music videos on mute last night, watching alicia keys bang that keyboard in silence makes her looks like she's having a seizure by the way...and then leona lewis popped up and it just struck me that almost every up and coming artist has that whole melancholy, 'im lying here like a broken soul' look going for them. and somehow, that broken doll thing has become cool. i mean, which artist smiles on their album cover except them afrikaaner treffers and country music simon and garfunkel folks...there's a difference between looking sexy and looking sad like somebody stole your organs while you were sleeping..or ate your cadbury choc muffin before you got home...
look at this album cover

see? she not looking sexy..she looks like she fell down those stairs behind her and didnt clean her house for a while..and she just very unhappy.secondly..its my december, not hers. depressed people are going to identify with this, buy the cd and get more depressed, raising the suicide rate. in december. next!

my angel, michael. he is not happy..he is in fact, constipated. his mxit status would be grumpy at this point. be he is forgiven, since i had not breezed into his life at this time. then you get the other extreme: exhibit 3:
our very own, home grown hunk-a-burning yum...blackie swart - who by the way has just eaten a huge steak and is extremely happy to be here against the bright yellow, with his trusty guitar and his 40 variations of the same song. go blackie!! but im afraid sales wont be great..coz nobody likes that one person with a happy mxit presence, no.

so finally, when i entered micheal's life, we found a middle gorund. behold! the perfect album cover pic..just the right amount of yumminess to make happy people happier and sad people smile..which is why my angel is sooo successful (my cooking has something to do with it too).
of course, i am the inspiration behind the tracks :) in this pic, i have just tickled him and he is now thinking about how lucky he is...his mxit presence would be in lurv.so cute!! so the whole 'im going to die wihtout your love' look jst doesnt work for me. i mean, get real man, you're making loads of money, look a little happier! and do yourself a favour and eat a burger before you get more anorexic. i like that guy who won Britain's got talent - he doesnt fit the mould of being this young, cool popstar, but he rocks! and he was a cellphone salesman...his response to the stardom is a big smile and 'yeah, this is bonkers!' you wouldnt find Robbie being all humble like that (sorry joe).

anyway...this is what im doing on friday morning on campus...me have group meeting ;( somebody save me...like smallville.chloe rocks!!! she got great beeeg smile. oh by the way, im doing layout for my department's newsletter..and cartoons...its about sociopolitical issues, quite cool.please mail me your email adress if you'd like to be on the mailing list..or leave comment..
fankyoubye! :)

7:58 AM

doing business

Our dear Dollop was sitting in his car (green one as you can see) when my initials pulled up beside him ;) and yes…I will admit, I make bread. Quality bread. Which is why im so busy that I cant reply to some messages and sometimes I cant go out on Saturday nights – its coz of the bread. And no, I don’t know why the price of bread is so high. All I know is that people are paying for my initials. Branding I think its called.

Speaking of branding, missQ went to a late movie at Suncoast – my god, if you want to see branding, just take a breeze through amid the swarm of jhb holiday makers…erm, but I’ll admit I had my own Roxy theme going ;) was that an evening to remember…my little cousin walked out of the games area at way past midnight, looked at me and echoed many of the sentiments of some weary gamblers – ‘Q, im bankrupt now’ lol, she is too cute. Try venturing into a ladies bathroom during an interval – nobody warned me. I got squished in line between an old lady in the front and this young, almost too friendly chick behind me. This girlie also had no idea of personal space, which for someone with a double D, needs to stop traumatizing ppl like me. Anyway, so the old lady in front of me somehow stepped on my toe…and she turns around and says, oh, so sorry bheti – I’m diabetic.’ I didn’t know whether to say its ok for killing my toe, or say im sorry that you’re ill. So I just made friends.

There’s something about waiting in line to use the loo that makes it gross. Maybe its that thought that there are more germs around, or that everybody knows that you’re there to..do your business. It just makes me want to flush myself to Singapore. And then I look around and think…hey that lady didn’t wash her hands- she cant be too clean in the loo…and then I get all panicky and fidgety like Monk. And then you have those lil kids that prance outa the loo. God knows what they left in there. Ladies bathrooms are not very ladylike. Even that hand drier thing. You have to touch to get it to start. Ew. But those new sensor things are cool. Even the sensor taps that jhb international airport..OR tambo, has. They get me all excited. In high school, we had pink and purple bathrooms for the girls. And people used to write things on the wall like the hottest guys this month or things like ‘Look up!’ And on the ceiling somebody wrote ‘haha, made you look, I can see what you’re doing.’ Funny now, but back then I was the new kid and it freaked me out! Made for some interesting reading, but our loos weren’t as cool as the guys who had white and black bathrooms. I don’t know what went on in there; maybe juju or nazeer can elaborate. There are rules to being in a ladies bathroom. Firstly, you don’t look at the person next to you in the mirror, no matter how much her funky hair or cleavage is demanding the attention. Also, don’t talk to people you don’t know. Just smile gracefully, like ‘yeah, my deposit is made of gold- in your face.’ The last thing you want to do is become best friends and have her say at wedding – ‘I met her in the loo’ although, I have made some friends in the bathroom…one of whom had locked herself in the cubicle by accident, and of course, the Suncoast lady. Also, don’t twirl around in the full length mirror. I did that once and people walked in and I just stopped in mid-twirl and rushed off and I could still hear em giggling. Omg. And please, make sure you are actually walking into the ladies room – not the men’s room. We wont mention any past incidents about that. I have erased them for my mental health.

Q is happy J very happy…what more does a girl need than a buttercup and some fresh air…

11:34 PM

holiday wishes ;)

im trying to post a pic. of choc chip muffins...but this blog thing is screwed up. anyway. i wish choc muffins upon all of you..and an amazing long weekend. try not to break anything, crash anything, steal anything, hurt anything, swear anything, kill anyone, run over anyone, slap anyone, throw things (unless you have good reason) burn anything, hit anything, stab yourself, slit your ankles, poison yourself, and please. dont forget to moisturise.

11:32 PM

its funny how some people,
can tell you one thing, then do another,
knowing it would hurt you and
turn around and be public about it.
but i guess double standards
come with not having a conscience.
sad little immoral attention seeker.

11:23 PM

11:52 PM

ode to bob

today is very sad day...my lil fishy bob has passed on. we will have a day of mourning. orbituaries and poems are welcome...

1:02 AM

space invaders

Oh.my.god. I had another bus ‘adventure.’ Very traumatic. See, the bus missed me again. The guy just didn’t see me waving my arm off like some possessed lil rag doll. So I waited there for another half an hour and finally, another bus came – only this time, the driver didn’t know the way to campus, and thanks to eskom, the traffic lights weren’t working, so my life flashed before my eyes quite a few times..well, I figured, at least I’d die with my red jacket on ;) anyway. The bus wasn’t that full, till this overbearing ‘woman’ (I say ‘woman’ because she was acting more like a fat parasite with no concept of personal space) came and sat next to me – rather, on top of me!! So much so, that I couldn’t reach my phone in my pocket when it rang – and there she was, well-dressed, and happily chewing her bubblegum in my face!! ;( it was so scary ;( and I kept thinking about bad words and what I could kill her with my umbrella. Im so glad its over…this day can only get better right?
Right? Say yes!
As for this weekend…now that was an adventure in itself. The aunts came home for weekend. Flip, it was like I was in Prison Break. My phone got inspected, my room got examined, everytime I coughed I got that look that says – you cough again and im attacking you with Vicks, my clothes got xrayed and my cute lil fishies ot interrogated. And my poor mummy just got tired. All I remember was cooking. A lot.

Q endorses Juno by the way – oh and heaven icecream, choc brownie flavour.

Anyway, back to personal space- some people just have no grasp of what it means. I used to have this friend in school and she used to hit me lol, like everytime she made a joke and laughed, I used to get a slap on the arm or thigh. And hard! I think it was coz she had so many brothers, that she got all butch. As for me, I was all feminine and sensitive – and bruised. Somehow I managed to distance myself. Then there are those people who always want to hug – or overdo the mwah thing. Especially guys. Ew. For Q to hug somebody, it takes at least a year to graduate from the outer circumference of the personal space into the next circle etc. u cant just bypass the circumference ok!! There’s a system. And when it comes to sharing drinks with people – there’s another system, but that’s a whole different blog post ;) as for the ‘getting touchy in public people,’ please get a room. I don’t feel like being nauseous. Your bf isn’t going to run away if you don’t pin him down to earth by sitting on his lap – he will not go off in another direction if you stop hanging onto him – you aren’t a magnet. Don’t get me wrong, I love people, just stay on your side of the line, and we be ok, I promise ;)

11:14 PM

nervous crossers anonymous

yay :) the marbles pic is in! this morning was such a blonde morning for missQ. my sandal fell off while i was getting on the bus..and then when i eventually did get on, this faaaaat dude stepped on my toes ;( ow. i just feel like im not going to get through this day without being scratched or stomped or poked. calamity jane. but really, its not my fault. i have those days alot...you know when you're walking in a mall, or in town and people just seems to get in your way - or rather, you seem to be in everyone's way and you're like 'whats wrong with me! im a hazard to society!' and then you just decide to go home before you run over a small quiet kid. im bad wth crossing roads to..they should have anonymous meetings called 'Nervous Crossers' and we'd have meetings. and they'd be right around the corner, so I wouldnt have to cross the road to get there. or better yet, the therapist would come home ;) the only thing getting me across the road is the thought of that perfect lil choc donut waiting for me at Spar.

although sometimes i do have my rebellious brave moments where im like, bring it on! you know? and i cross with confidence. anyway, im hungover. saturday night rocked...i learnt how to play pool. let me first say that that cue (or the Q as mj puts it) was dam heavy! i mean its a stick, but its heavy! its like my height. which made me insecure, but i overlooked that and managed to get like 3 balls in the hole thingy (2 of which were the white one). and then i got half drenched in rain..and then i realised my lovely white sandal broke on the side ;( see? i have horrible luck wth sandals...but i realised my passion!! found my calling! that bin game where you throw the ball in as fast as you can ;) we went a bit crazy over that. by me, i mean me.and raeesa. its good for releasing rage etc. totally better than therapy.
missQ has to go to seminar now. with 3 people in it, there's no way i can fall asleep ;(
loads of hugs and blue smarties...

10:36 PM

this is where the title goes

this dam *** blog isnt letting me post a pic!! or choose text colour ;( and i have such a pwetty pic to post ;( and this ***** blog NOT HELPING ME!!!!!!!!!!!
now the writing's gonna be all sick green looking and not clean and white and this post is gonna be bland without a pic. dam technology.


there's alot going on right now. like take Jane for example. there's jack, who doesnt give a shit about her, yet she keeps running after him and bashing into the rock wall that is his stone cold heart, while Jake on the other hand, is running after her- but she doesnt care. and then Q has to sit and help out the situation and try not to kill herself while ingesting all this whiney nonsense. im like, yes, we've all been there, but dont make this my problem. i have my own pretty lil issues to sort out.
oh and to the cute lil people who mailed me and messaged me that they're glad im back, fank you ;) you make Q smile like an ecstatic yellow smiley. by the way, i decided to break the shopping drought yesterday and guess what - i found nothing. absolutely nothing i liked. and i was itching to spend money, so i spent it on food ;) (which i couldnt finish - whch means something's wrong with me, but we deal with that later).

flip man! the pic i was gonna post was so cute. so yesterday my friend pulls out a marble from my pencil case that i forgot was there. good friend gave it to me, and it was like one of those moments where you realise, that hey, this person is still one of my best friends and even though life can get hectic, they'll be there to send you an sms that'll make you laugh out loud or give a beeg hug when you feel like the world isnt working for you...or! give you a marble when they know you've lost yours ;)

ok, i have another meeting to get to. and i swear by the chicken shwarma from wrap it up! that i will get the text colour changed and get the pic posted!!

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