11:22 PM

why this day already rocks!!

1. MissQ is wearing blinding yellow zip up jersey :) if the sun doesnt shine, i will!

2. im missing my first lecture right now ;)

3. i saw an old friend this morning.

4. good hair day, even though i got blasted by the wind.
5. i caught a glimpse of an ex-crush looking like shit :)
6. Darren hayes 'so beautiful' stuck in my head :)

7. i go home at 9:30am!!!!


Waseem said...

Mine is not rocking as yet, hopefully it picks up later on. I usually hate Tuesdays, they drag ... in fact its my least favorite day of the week.

M Junaid said...

Today was a lovely day.

awesomeness is sweet.

i need to wear my bright yellow jacket as well - i feel its like the mj equivalent to the 'phial of Galadriel' (given to frodo)

i dont listen to the same songs you do.. well - im a bit slow like that. so maybe by december i'l know what you on about

qdee said...

waseem: tuesdays are either very good or horrible, ope your day picked up.
mj: by december i'll be old.

qdee said...

lol ope ;) i mean hope! waseem, i think our bala and peru conversations got to me

qdee said...

mj!! you have to hear that song!!

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