12:23 AM

appy appy 60th ;)

woohoo!! happy 60th post to me :) dont i get like an honourary degree or something? or a chocolate?

im so hungry right now. did i mention how much i love offline messages? in fact, let this 60th, most precious post be about offline messages. a blog is like an entire offline message. i love offline messages. as much as i hate mxit's one true mission to flatten our braincells and allow boring, or over-enthusiastic ppl into our lives, creating bulging blood vessels and thumb-aches, offline messages seem to erase all resentment and make you smile at odd hours of the morning..that some arb thought came into someone's head and landed under your name coz you're special and you'd understand any amount of psychosis :) sweet :)

im sleepy too. sleepy and hungry. and i have this research lecture in a bit...ooh, im wearing my new jordanian cloak today. that's basically why im here.oh and i had to hand in a tutorial...i think im gonna get a weird response for the tut. we had to make up a company with some problems, so i made up an icecream company that makes proudly south african flavours but there's lotsa absenteeism...got a bit carried away though- i kinda named some flavours.weird names.i cant type them now- you'll think i've lost it and never visit me again. omg!! did you see? they fired the deputy minister of health! just like that! smacks of hypocrisy...the deputy president's still around.hell, even 'mushroom msimang' is still around and this one gets sacked! like a hot potato! really, its so obvious they were lookng for a reason to get her out. what's democracy if you get fired if you dont agree with governemnt and actually talk sense? oh well. elitist idiots conquer again. street names, affirmative action, and we're headed somewhere good? im leaving before it gets worse.

as for oprah, whats with the whole 'i went and saved Africa from illiteracy' thing she has going? she showed footage of monkeys trying to get into the room and the audience was in stitches, thinking we have animals roaming around. hmm...maybe mj getting a monkey isnt that far fetched hey. and these little oprah's are like so thrilled to be in that school...she placed it in the middle of nowhere, acting like she's some saviour. she shouldve taken a walk around durban, and cleaned up the streets ;) or gone to sandton and videod it and shown ppl South Africa isnt some jungle and that we wear clothes and use computers. and where were the white people all hiding? it looked like we dont have any on the continent.

thats all that my brain can muster for now...oh and have a wonderful night, and may all your duass be accepted, inshallah aameen. remember q if you can :) and forgive me if i was mean to you. mwah.


Waseem said...

Offline messages are great especially when its someone just saying that they miss you. Im not a fan of mxit either, it seems to hate me, I get the record for most dcs i think. But for the sake of good conversation I put up with its crap.

Aaw come on give us some crazy ice cream flavours ... ok lets see ... the one that comes to mind is Monkey brain flavour (chilled monkey brains). I would buy a chanamugaj flavour ... mmm ... or a triple choc cookies and cream with caramel and fudge swirl. I dont know why Im doing this to myself I just remembered Im fasting

qdee said...

ooohh...chanamaguj :P yummy yummy..
lol i had kwaito-kiwi and cape caramel ;)
shame, dc is annoying! but id like mxit to have an option where you can appear offline but still be online.
hope the fast goes well!

The Organ Harvester said...

ja ms oprah looks like she is high on her own fumes. i think the school is in houghton. but she doesnt publicise that. i get physically ill with her stupidity. she is really underlining her ignorance. but ja. may all the duas get answered. i'm gonna hit a late round just before closing time.

r said...

Was so good seeing you on wed. Maybe cos you looked like a hot young doctor ;) Oh n happy sexy seeextiest wish for qdee the ladee! btw now that you're not in media with me anymore... i have z all to myself ;)

M Junaid said...

R - Z left your sorry ass to study in America :P

mj will have his day - when i am with monkey.

south african ice cream flavours

mrs balls chutnye flavour
boerewors and biltong
bunny chow flavoured
barbeton mango flavoured
raddish and turnip hiv serum flavoured
manto mzimang nutty flavour
jacob zuma corrupt cola flavoured
mcbrides rum and vodka flavoured

ok - mj stops now

qdee said...

O.H: hmm, me thinks oprah's eyeliner has seeped into her frontal lobes and slowly exterminating her braincells :)

R: hehe, hot young doc? mj said i look like 'clever coolie' lol. as for Z, you can have him, i found new specimen to drool at ;)

mj: the mj has been sniffing things again, but i love those flavours!! as for monkey, well...i'll get you a town one ;)

qdee said...

...q needed to log on

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