12:30 AM

yesterday's murder... (in memory of..me)

Gashing at my flesh
As fresh as yesterday’s murder,
Notes surge through frozen indigo veins
Bringing blue lips to life once again.

Why did you bring me here again?
‘to recompose the decomposed,’ my dear.
Barely brushing the autumn leaves,
I linger in memories swirling yellows and pinks…
Dancing along the trail of bloody warmth.

Echoing through an eerie midnight,
Shadows laugh…and silence my screams…
Darkened spirits await me in their
Leafy slumber
Gnawing at my wedding dress

You take my brittle hand and walk me down
The aisle of death you laid out for me
A thousand times before
Tonight’s murder is just the same --
A kiss in the August breeze

Until tomorrow, the axe strikes twice,
‘you have to get rid of those stains,’ my dear
I sink into the shallow grave
You dig up ever so often and
Smile beneath your precious feet.


The Organ Harvester said...

you know it's odd when you think you're in front of something, something will always rise up from nowhere to try and break you.
nice poem. yours?

qL said...

that pic was my fiiiiiiiiiirst ever display pic on blogger :)

Ironically, sent by an anonymous emailer then too :P

"gnawing at my wedding dress" reminded me of Miss Havisham.

(can't sign into blogger now :/)

qdee said...

OH- aha, mine..written 2yaers ago. ouch, it still hurts..

ql: lol really? i love that pic!this blogger thing is annoying, i couldnt sign in the other day. i got kinda violent.

The Organ Harvester said...

Sweetheart, it never stops hurting, We just find additional things to cover it up with.

Or so says Dr. Phil.

Personally I take a time out to get over everything, however long it is and then Robert is your father's brother, life moves on. Some place is always stored just for that person, good or bad, you just manage it better.

And what is life without a few emotional scars.

You havent lived until you can say you have avoided a drinking problem.

Maybe that's just me

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