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MissQ's tumourous day

Need i say more?

yesterday was one messed up day...for starters, i nearly fell down all the MTB stairs. if you dont know what that looks like, its like those stairs Rocky ran up, except with all weird ppl sitting on the sides, watching you run up or down them like some human mini cooper on steroids. well, yesterday i was a jalopie, running out of class, racing down the stairs to get the bus coz i was trying to get home in time for the tiler. and then...

my phone rang..and i reached into my bag and misjudged the width of the stairs and i slipped ;( MissQ of course, regained her composure in 3.2 seconds) and carried on as if nothing happened while her heart was pounding and ankle was positively screaming..
then mum phones. apparently, i rushed for nothing coz this tiler wasnt pitching up. and then, i reach home and i get bolted out of my skin by lil static electric shocks (but im ok with that). i decided to take a nap, but the neighbour came and the pistachios i've been looking forward to for a week turned out to be tasteless. and then, mj gave me some crap news. he warned me though, but he had to tell me, coz i'd probably find out in the long run...at that point i remembered the stairs and stopped myself short of jumping off the balcony. but no, it got better...mum wasnt in the greatest mood and i got run over by the things i had forgotten to do.

anyway, i slept with the fan on and i woke up this morning with a nose bleed and endless sneezing.
im lil ok though...Mj and Nikhat had me in stitches and im sure i've convinced Nazeer im from some spark-weilding planet while i was trying to explain to him how all the static at night managed to produce sparks in my hair and shock myself. Lol, Mj has branded a certain toxic person in my life 'tumour', hence:

1. Tumour, or not tumour? that is the question..
2. the tumour wears prada ;) love that one!
3. Tumour namaste
4. Harry Potter and the deathly tumour
5. Tumour se aiyi, yu muskuraaye..sumthin sumthin...kuch kuch hota hai!
6. Teenage Mutant Ninja Tumours

Nikhat's collection:
1. How to lose a tumour in ten days
2. star wars: the tumour strikes back
3. Ten things i hate about tumours
4. Tumour of the Carribean
5. Tumour barabar tumour
6. Harry Potter and the philosopher's tumour.
7. The Young and the Tumourless ;)
8. The bold and the Tumourful
9. Hum Tumour

lol, there were more, but i cant remember now...but it made me smile :) and made the day brighter! i have a few:
1. salaam-e-tumour
2. Big tumour's house
3. Tararumtumour
4. Mistress of Tumours
5. What tumours really want ;)
umm, the lan man is standing behind me and i hope to God he's not reading this nonsense....

anyway, i promised you a glimpse into Nikhat's and my world of stalking...we have developed a state of the art method for girls to show guys how much they care..

after establishing verbal communication via knocking on his door and saying..'i think you have my mail (male),' you have established that you are now in a long term relationship.
thereafter, you find a creative way of getting into his flat (some ppl call this B and E - breaking and entering, for us its Being Endearing). He'll think this is cute. He's a busy person, and will appreciate your gesture of finding time to get to know him this way.
Once you're in his room, write in red lipstick on the mirror 'Im not leaving you,' this will ensure he is not insecure in your relationship - and the lipstick will remind him of you :)
also, run a hot shower for him before he gets home and write 'see how easy it is for me to get in' in the steam on the mirror in the bathroom. he will think you're cute once again because this is a little note to him that will remind him of you everytime he walks into the bathroom. There's no need to write your name...he'll know its you.
He must be hungry after work, so leave a chocolate cake with a big knife in it on the bed, and leave before he gets home. he'll know its from you.again. this keeps the relationship exciting as your gesture is sweet and also thoughtful, becasue he doesnt have to run to the kitchen to get a knife.

make a copy of his house keys. By now, he's probably been meaning to give you a copy because of the wonderful way things are progressing, but he's so busy that you'll have to help him out and make one for yourself. He probably misses you at work too, so put a loving message up as his screensaver...like 'im with you in spirit' and wait outside his office and take pictures of his reaction because it'll be a lovely moment he wont forget.
Find ways to spend quality time with each other. make room for yourself at the back of his car before he goes to work in the mornings and while he's at a busy intersection, pop up behind him and smile :) this will take the stress away from driving :)

ok...enough for today :) jumma mubarak :)


The Organ Harvester said...

Qdee honey, keep crazy in a bottle. Then like toxic waste, let it seep out slowly, by the time anyone notices, it will be too late.


Well, you know, bad days were invented by Ice- cream and chocolate companies to give us more reasons sell our souls.

Oh, and if you think that was was bad, try having your chiropractor tell you you should lose weight while you're standing in gown with your ass hanging out. Maybe I should have worn tangas. Too much info hey?

Priya said...

those tumour jokes... :)

!Joe! said...

ooh, don't worry, those sitting on mtb stairs are losers anyway:D i mean, who sits on those stairs in this coldish weather?
lol, these tumour jokes are hilarious! i remember that episode of scrubs, when jd is taking the new interns around, and he tells them about this guy "whose tumour was so big it was a threemour" :D maybe this tumour in your life is a threemour...maybe a fourmour, lol.
oh my gawd, girl, that's just creepy stuff...maybe that's why i dont have a boyfriend:)

Waseem said...

Hum Tumor hain Sanam
Here today gone tumor oh
Y tu mama tumor

Thats all i got for now, hope it brings a smile.

I think any guy would be lucky to have you stalk him :).

juju said...

I think Q's being too harsh on him,
to me it seems like this guy is just playful and likes to joke around. Maybe he just has a good sense of tumour...uuhhhem...humour.

The K-man said...

lol@ the tumour humour. hehe and glad you didnt take the the tumble.

SingleGuy said...

Hilarious....I'm just glad the tumour has been excised before there was any metastasis....

qdee said...

lol O.H: i think ive kept crazy in a bottle for too long - and you've been watching oprah! ;) that day, spar didnt have any cookies and cream icecream :(
lol, that was overshare, but thanx for the visual for a monday morning.

priya: hehe, ta :)

joe: oh i remember that threemour thing! lol, we dont have bf's coz we're not mad fast girls who will settle for what ukzn has to offer ;)

waseem: aww, so sweet! i now have license to stalk!

juju: ahem, mj branded the person tumour lol, it could be a girl tumour ;)i got big surprise for you!!!no, im not gonna tell yuo that you're tumour, but its a good surprise.

k-man: lol, very politically correct comment..hope you're ok.

singleguy: ok..i look up that word now ;) but im glad too.

juju said...

Lol...cmon Q, I think it's pretty obvious who tumour is.

Major_chip_hazard said...

Sheesh Q how do you think up all these things!!If I had to see someone pop out behind me and smile in the car I'd scream like a lil girly...

qdee said...

lol juju, your confidence is cute.

major: you, mr.macho mechanic screaming? hehe, now i just have to see that!

qdee said...

ooh ooh!! one from nikhat: beavis and tumourhead :D

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