12:53 AM


Curling pages of sundried dreams
Sit on your windowsill
Collecting dustings of respects paid to
The invisible inevitable…
Incensed paper prayers for ashes of hope.

Shades of the blinding sunlight
Hiding behind parallel shadows
Parallel words,
Parallel safety net distance…slow
Fragile fingers trace fiery fateful nothings.

Striped curtains, sarcasm…shelter
The smell of choc-chip warmth
Melting defenses of burdened incompetence.

Glimpses of a muted storm
Falling snowflakes settle silently.

Grace behind the gloom…
Faith behind feathery fathomed freedom
Words have paled, parched and fumed
Drowning willingly in icy reasons
Wilting on your doorstep

Through moonlit dusted avenues
Witness to the white-rose petal rain

Of your footsteps…
Carrying a cache of secrets
As crystal glimmer catches the light
And dawn filters life into love


taqdeer said...

absolutely beautiful :)

and very very nice pics :)

Lovely qdee :)

and Juma mubarak :)

qdee said...

thanx :)
belated juma mubarak to you 2 ;)

!Joe! said...

:( choc chip warmth...im in need of some choc love...
i don't know if ever told you, but your poetry is delicious :)i find myself wanting to eat creme brulee or african berry ice cream now:)
good luck for exam!

qdee said...

thanx sweety..
horrible incident - went to spar and they were out of cookies and cream!oh well, i settled for gino ginelli

qdee said...

where's everyone hiding?

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