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you know how you're thinking of a song and you turn on the radio and its playing ;) thank god for east coast radio (ok, dont slap me for listening to the station) but they played Billie Myers Kiss the Rain!! that song's been floating around in my head forever...
Hello...Can you hear me
Am I getting through to you
Is it late there
Is there laughter on the line
Are you sure youre there alone
Cuz imTrying to explain
Somethings wrong
You just dont sound the same
Why dont youWhy dont you
Go outside
Go outside
Kiss the rain
Whenever you need me
Kiss the rain
Whenever Im gone too long
If your lips feel lonely and thirsty
Kiss the rain
And wait for the dawn
Keep in mind
We're under the same sky
And the nights
As empty for me as for you
If you feel
You cant wait till morning
Kiss the rain
Kiss the rainKiss the rain
Hello...Do you miss me
I hear you say you do
But not the way Im missing you
Whats new
Hows the weather
Is it stormy where you are
You sound so close but it feels like youre so far
Oh would it mean anything
If you knew
What Im left imagining
In my mind
My mind
Would you go
Would you go
Kiss the rain

Hello...Can you hear me

yes, it does sound like another Telkom long distance mess up :) but i've loved this song since Dawsons' Creek first aired...and it hasnt lost its magic...of course, it applied then to a certain shy girl thnking about someone she liked for a few years, and who now, after meeting after 3 years, possesses some gay tendencies...but the song's still great!!hehe

anyway, nazeer mailed me something about the first letter of your name determining your personality...im pretty weird according to that as im 'attracted to people due to their ethnic grouping' lol as for mj, he 'forgets friends and family coz he lives for the moment,' about joe, she apparently very energetic and good at 'carrying on great romances in her head.' and nazeer apparently 'has the greatest love affairs all by himself in his head.'now, i dunno about you, but that kinda...mental? or either extremely hilarious! :D

anyway, was at the bustop the other day and this butch looking gal came up to stand next to me..we started talking (her indian accent colouring the conversation) and she was like 'so you muslim right eh? you look like that - like a slumou'

Q: um, yes, im muslim

girlie: u so lucky man!! the muslim guys are sooo cute!!

Q: yeah i guess they are...

girlie: so you gort a cute ou? when u getting married? yourll muslim ppl muz get married early eh?

Q: not anytime soon, i really need to finish studying.

girlie: oh. ya eh. hey you know fatima?

Q: from where?

girlie: verulam!

Q: er no, sorry.

girlie: you know shazia?

Q: from where?

girlie: verulam! ay all you muslim ppl know each other man. u muz know er.

Q: no sorry, i dont hang out with muslim ppl in the usual places.

girlie: lukker!! so er, where you living eh? i bet you stay ther in Reservoir 'ills! oh wait - you muzbe from overport- or you muzbe gort family there.those are muslim places! (wide eyed and all excited now)

Q: no, im at the beach...but i do have family in those places...

*now, monkeys decide to start jumping around surrounding trees and girlie starts laughing like a hyena...she says

'ay you know, i was just in the gardens with my boyfriend, we was laughing and staying -- only the way we was watching the monkeys cleaning each other!'

lol, at that moment, thankfully, my friend Kivi arrives :) (sy kom as sy gestuur was, according to 7de laan) and i just looked at her, said something mad and burst out laughing!!
im serious - i attract these funny people! i was just standing there, waiting for the bus..minding my own business and this happens.

oh well...maybe i have magnetic force of my own? im writing exam today..for my favourite subject!! :) but i just cant get down to studying it that much...ended up watching kuch kuch last night and chatting with mj about 'tujhe yaad na mere ai' great song. nasal, but great. sticks in your head like Hey Shona...
another nonsense blog by MissQ.hugs.


M Junaid said...

i met you at the bus stop :)
i still remember it - i was like,
MJ: are you that chick that writes all those awesome articles

Q: (avoiding eye contact)err, yeah

and youve never been able to get rid off me since :)

Mj forgets friends and family because he lives for the moment? i highly doubt it - only when im eating.

dam! i missed the jacket - its so early :(

tujhe yaad na meri aiyi rules -i love how the raspy deep voice is replaced with the sweeter vocals off the other chick.
im a yash raj whore - because i love their songs - my dil goes mmm and tere liya rock as well:)

M Junaid said...

i missss yoooouuuuuu!

Anonymous said...

'so you muslim right eh? you look like that - like a slumou'

hehe, what does a slumou look like?

Entertaining post :) i was laughing at the bus-stop-girly..

..u mos know wat i meen, eh?

Anonymous said...

ps: That's a stunning pic :)

mario said...

Ms Q - saw yr exam questions, twas too easy for you.

anyhow, check this out:

Anonymous said...


That's crackers!

Well I met one of my closest friends in an elevator (go figure).

I love how they stereotype muslims and then you do/say something to what they think! LOL! Yay for QDee :D

qdee said...

mj: the jacket!!love those songs too.rememebr thinking after i met you..'what just happened - oh well, i prbably wont see him again.'

taqdeer: lol, slumou's look...like pita bread.

mario: lets not talk about that exam. i wrote 5pages of what i thought was great arguments, only to realise afterwards that i left out some major things. *cringe* expect the worst.buy in bulk.

fatima: elevator? cool, met one in there too! i think the best friendships ive had have started out badly and got better over time.

Waseem said...

I also got that mail but the W part was cut off cos the mail was so long :/

It probably is 'Constant dreamer with a penchant for the extraordinary'

I have a funny bus story ... this girl made me sit next to her in a bus cos she said she didnt wanna blow smoke on me and she attempted conversation with me, I managed to avoid as much as possible.

qdee said...

waseem: now thats weird! i hate smokers.ugh.

mario: wow, what a cool website! just what i needed for a project in mind.thanx

Ruby :) said...

dont worry Q, i also seem to attract the strange ppl sometimes.. like this one tima, at band camp.. lol... and its amazing how they always asume taht we are all related, and live in the same area etc. but the worst if when u say your surname, and then they dig up all the long-lost relatives spanning four continents...

r said...

LoL @ rubes. Thats such a typically indian quirk.. An even bigger LOL to q's bus stop girl. you should write a book on the mad people you'v met. i should feature somewhere there... the permanently unpunctual girl who parked herself next to you in the first media tut ever and immediately started ooh'ing and aah'ing over your sexy stapler ;)

r said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
qdee said...

lol R..i'll put you and our lovely tutor on the same page ;) shame..he's going away. whatever shall we do?!

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