2:50 AM

celebrating Eva!

yay yay! mommy's birthday today ;)

woke up at 5am to dish out her gifts like a christmas fairy...well, an Eid fairy. i have this thing for gifts. like in involuntary reaction to special days...or sometimes ordinary days. people get annoyed at times, but i cant help it. its that thrill of getting somebody something you know they'll go crazy over. reference- mj's lava lamp episode. that rocked!!

im having a nonsense day where everything is delayed due to some external consequence and Miss Q had planned her day minute for minute today (and that included beauty sleep, a horrible tut and finally telling Bangladeshi drumbeat boy to go beat his drum elsewhere). Tutor decides to up and leave just when im next in line to see her...and rushed to 1st period lec only to have the lecturer not show up.brilliant...gosh im sleeping with my eyes open.

i have this thing to right about. this funny incident. but its not getting through all the things in my head. i hate when that happens. like when Dew and i meet on rare occasions and you just cant remember what that important incident was you saved up just for that day.

ugh.blogging. dont you ever feel like it restricts you at times? when you wanna say something and you just know that person's gonna read it? lol, like..ok let's call her Mrs Pepperpot. So self-righteous, melodramatic and egotistical enough to completely minimise your issues and run them over with a tractor so that the whole world revolves around hers. practically everyone around me now knows her issues and due to my proximity to her, i get a double dose. now, the situation is such that i have to endure her company for a while...so cant get outa that one.but it just annoys me when im stressed about work and madam says 'oh, dont complain - you're not having the day im having, i dont think anyone can be more stressed than me.' blows me right outa the water...and one day, im gonna crack lol. and its gonna be funny ;)

anyhoo, Pepsi is sick. i hope he gets better and saves the world in that superhero spandex uniform lol...and technological osmosis boy is still around! can you believe that. record.

question- if there are people around you who care, but not specifically the one you're looking for, does it count? do their words mean anything when they dont mean anything to you? i dont think so - but friend begs to differ.help.


Anonymous said...

May Allah ta'ala grant your mommy many happy, healthy and wholesome years, ameen :)

hehe, cute post :)

"do their words mean anything when they dont mean anything to you?"

We are all connected, even to people we might never meet. Like ants in their kingdom, the workers and the soldiers never meet - yet everything they do have a direct effect on the other.

The clouds and the flowers never meet, but the rain from the clouds speak life itself to the flowers :)

Everything matters :)

Very entertaining post :)

M Junaid said...

MJ loves his lava lamp - best pressie i recieved last year

was awesome spending time with you today

as for your last point - it dont mean a damn thing, unless MJ says it

Ahmed said...

ugh.blogging. dont you ever feel like it restricts you at times? when you wanna say something and you just know that person's gonna read it?

totally know what you mean....though its not as big of a problem as it use to be for me.

Mukhtar Ahmad Khan said...


Happy Birthday to mummy :) InshAllah Allah grant her all her desires. Ameen.

back to work..

T c


Mukhtar Ahmad Khan said...

yoh I'm hungry (1:23am). that cake looks wow.. tummy is going grrr grrr..

Waseem said...

Happy Birthday to your mum.

If they are words of encouragement then they should, if they are words of affection then it probably wont, but sometimes its nice to hear :)

qdee said...

taqdeer: deep. as usual :)

mj: lol u made my day 'funner!'

mukhtar: lol we have choc cake leftovers at home. i think i ate too much :(

waseem: very true.think i'll use that process of categorisation ;)

mazozo said...

Lol mwa nice post qdee

Now why you is being mean to the pepperpot bleh huh? Live and let live mummy always said if you don't have something nice to say or you wanna be mean then don't say anything

Its all about accepting ppl for whom they are nways take care :-)

!Joe! said...

Q, i think you had a joe happen to you...:)
in the long run the words of those who care about you are the words that you need the most sometimes, it's those words that will come back and give you strength after the person who's words you were really seeking have long gone. if you get what i'm saying.
there, joe's had her "deep" moment. i promise never to do it again. Happy birthday to your mummy again!!!:D:D:D

qdee said...

lol joe, let that never happen again ;) yeah, you're right though.

maz: lol, mrs. pepperpot has now reached the limit. think a year being around her is enough..hmm, i want a beeg muffin. choc wun.

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