11:59 PM



cant help myself..

coz baby - its you...


you should hear what they say about you...

they say, they say u could never be true..

wo-oh, cant help myself...

coz baby its you!

(accompanying dance steps including wiggles and pointing)

lol i have no idea why, but the Peroni ad makes me feels better.and if im all happy, it makes me ecstatic ;) is that crazy? oh i think the Spar ad also has subliminal endorphines or whatever, but this peroni ad gets me...no, no, its not the thrill of idea of getting drunk...its the tingly feeling you get when you have a crush on someone. someone totally wrong for you for that matter!! you know, the ultimate bad boy - who has no idea he has this magnetic power...good girls like that. we like getting hurt, running after some idiot who doesnt give us a second glance - coz its a challenge. a sadistic one. and while there are perfectly sane prospects in close proximity, we choose to look the other way...towards an idiot who has no idea how lucky he is to be the object of your affection and who doesnt make the effort to really understand you. lol, i feel like im justifying waseem's first ever great post! right...so in consistence with my last post, i'd like to add the magnetic force of attraction that shit possesses -- which i will avoid!!! so this ad...it allows you the hope that one day, you'll step elegantly off your chartered jet..and he'l notice you..and you'll be having the best hair day and all these other gals will pale in comparison and then he'll dance with you in some public fountain ;)

thankfully, my social life has been reclaimed. friday night with dew, mj and joe was bloody amazing!! see mj's blog for the sole pic we took.lol...

it was so awesome to just chill out and laugh and mj set me straight about my inclination towards the 'shit' and i felt better with his straightforward wacky advice which was wrapped in lovely compliments about the 'jacket' (which has been ordained by the fashion gods) and my teeth. surprisingly. oh well...pirates wasnt great, but the comapny more than made up for it!!

june's gonna be a great month. i can feel it.


taqdeer said...

hehe qdee - shalalalala ;)

So you like badboys? ;)

Fatima said...

I often wondered - did anybody ever notice this ad? Why does it bypass people?
I know of one other person who enjoys this ad other than you and I.
We went searching online for the song...
and I've got it :D

I've gotten over my "bad guy" phase...all though my heart still pounds at the sight of one! :P But I realise, "in 5years he will either be cheating, taking drugs or whoring around - while i'm probably knocked up".


Zahira said...

oooo i love this ad its so sexy hehehe
Fati can i plz plz plz have the song plz
hmmm bad guys ;) no comment :D

Waseem said...

*sigh* good girls and bad boys its so sad. Just a word of advice, good girls always think they are the ones who can change the bad boy thats not true. But i wish you luck anyway, maybe he isnt as bad as he appears

!Joe! said...

ok, maybe im not a normal girl, but i don't care for bad boys...i like 'em quiet and obedient, hehehe...i'm lying, lol. all the so-called bad boys I've known are so stupid it makes their bad boy image look like a joke :) who's gonna take you seriously as a bad boy when you don't know what log 10 is! i know the stereotype works on the premise that bad boys are not intellectually gifted, but i think we need to change that...as for the peroni ad, i wish i could like it more, but it's alcohol...i like the song but i feel guilty for liking it. i hate how the alcohol only pops up at the end of the ad...it spoils the whole experience for me, i feel deceived...but i still sing the song:) hey, u know how much i love singing...arno carstens' Another universe in the tuareg ad was cool...and the coke ad that looks like Grand theft auto is good for humming along to:)

Waseem said...

log10 is 1 :)

mario said...

fontana di trevi..step into it & u get a fine worth yr stay in rome. mhm the ad is strange. its visually stimulating, enchanting & erotic.

yet i wonder if ppl associate the visual with the product as soon as it pops on screen...there's like an entire different universe within the ad...funny, ive been thinkin bout that ad recently as well.

uncharacteristic post msQ, jus had throw in a comment :P

qdee said...

lol taqdeer: im magnetically attracted, it goes against my will!

fatima: oooh, me want song!!lol i love the 5years things. helps alot!i will remmeber those wise words..

zahira: yeah sometimes its better to say nothing and just let it pass ;)

waseem: no, he is as bad as he appears.lol all the dua in the world hasnt made an inch of improvement.

joe: omg. log 10! hehe you gotta tell me who;) you know i always get the ones who need dictionaries.

mario: uncharcteristic? maybe coz you dont know moi that well? lol. its the mere fact that you dont see the product that makes it all the more appealing. you definitely associate the feeling with the ad. like the Spar moments campaign.lol, whatever, the guy in the ad is just hot.

M Junaid said...

before we get into a semiotic dicsourse off the visual versus the audio, i just wanna say - who cares !
MJ loves this ad
now lets all hum dammit :)

i love the line about the 'they say, they say you could never be true'.. 'they', referring to jealous bitches who want 'you' for themselves

mario said...

lol uncharacteristic as in uncharacteristic..to characteristic characteristics

qdee said...


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