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best post ever...thanx to joe :)

im so nervous! another group presentation today...dont get me wrong, im sociable and nice to people, but groupwrok brings out the vamp in me..i get all annoyed if i dont get work in time from them and get violent with their crazy referencing...but im hoping to not get squashed like a bug this time...amid all the butterflies, i got time to visit joe's blog and it put a beeeg grin on my face! visit www.lifemindlove.blogspot.com to make the day brighter. the captions are hilarious!!! (but read my post first k?) ;)

now, this presentation...we're all wearing black and there's no powerpoint allowed. im feeling very insecure without my crutch. i love powerpoint. its like...cookies and cream icecream! go get some from spar! dont deny yourself!! yumm..thos epieces of oreo cookies...the warmth of that biscuit flavour...juxtasposed with the icecream...coming together to create one of the most decadently delectable experiences on earth! ok i stop now..but qdee endorses country fresh cookies and cream icecream ;D oh, weird incident happened yesterday ont he bus..as i sat down, i noticed this really cute guy get on (he was cookies and cream kinda cute)...but qdee decided to look out the window and not look at him because a) he's probably like 18 and i dont cradle snatch or b) one of those 'back of the bus' people who wouldnt notice small qdee in towrds the front and would walk past her...and then...he sat next to me!! i dont know if his nervous twitching was involuntary, or due to nervousness, but it annoyed the hell out of me! - in a cute way ;) and then...just as im thinking, 'please say something to me,' he turns towards me...and asks..'does this bus go to town?' and qdee's thinking - duh you nut, you got on, you should know where its going- but i settled for 'yes.west street.' and we sat there in silence because im not the type to strike up conversation coz i'll say something stupid.lol and coz im not letting myslef get swept away again..and towards my stop, 'busboy' decides to ask another brillaint question 'does this bus go to the workshop? so i nodded and got off at my stop. lol.glad that's over.maybe he really didnt know where he was going hey...

god. im free for 5 hours today. i hate late presentations.like late exams..but im glad i'll see dew today! always makes my wednesdays :) as for bangladeshi drumbeat boy...he wont leave me alone!! maybe i need a new tactic.like going insane on him..but maybe he would like the psychotic me and then his 'mwah mwah mwah' and angel sms's would increase and i'd really lose it. but i;ve always attracted psycho guys. one came home and actually played with his mother's hair in front of us!! another was a dumb blonde with a psycho mother who beat up his teacher...and the other used to have imaginary conversations with his dad even though hs dad was in the next room ;) and they all seem to think they're sharukh or saif! like any south african could compare! well,maybe busboy and ryk neethling ;) ooh, saif dumped rosa so im catching the next flight to mumbai!! lol, you know if these ppl werent stars and we saw em on the road somewhere, i bet we'd say 'oh, more paki's' lol...

anyway..this post isnt going anywhere coherent...so im off...make a stop at joes blog ;)


Anonymous said...

lol, "qdee endorses country fresh cookies and cream icecream"

Very cute senorita :)

Ps: does this bus go to town?


M Junaid said...

Joe doesnt get the twenty minutes joke - i'm sure you got it :P

i didnt see you yesterday :( but he chocolate was nice - so thats coool

i ove the part about the pakis :) - so true - damm Bollywood guys and their effect on south african girls expectations

I no more miss the peopel who comment for comments sake

Waseem said...

The guy was obviously trying to hit on you lol. You shoul have told him no, this bus goes Gwalas house or some place like that. I wonder his reaction then.

We used to have cookies and cream icecream all the time but now we usually just have Choc Milano or Vannila Symphony Gino Ginelli (mmm)

Good luck for your presentation

hitman jones said...

how to get rid of bangladeshi boy.... explain in gordy detail your facination with canabals flesh eating habbits :)

qdee said...

taqdeer: fanx mister ;) this bus goes to gijima village.thats why i have my bag with me and my cellphone.its really safe.

mj:u ate my choc!! how could u? and i gave u cookies and cream icecream when you came home :(
oh. the ppl who comment for commentsake do read, but now phone.lol.

waseem:traitor!! how could you turn your back on cookies and cream? i..i...dont think we should talk anymore.lol

hitman: ooh, im sure i could pull that off!

Waseem said...

I was tempted by the fudge ripple in the vanilla symphony and the pieces of chocolate in the choc milano. Im sorry :D

saaleha said...

you may have thought the post wasnt going anywhere, but i think it did:)

qdee said...

waseem: lol still a traitor... your loyalty is questionable. who's to say you wont betray choc milano someday?

saaleha: :) thanx hun

Waseem said...

My relationship with ice-cream is not mongogamous, Cookies and cream knows that I eat other ice-creams but it knows in the end of the day I love it :D

Anonymous said...


i hate stalker boys :/
i don't know what to do about the new one.
ok he's not a stalker - he's more like a samoosa run - but i don't know what to say.
usually being a rude cow helps with the strangers - but when family gets involved its another issue :/

bleh this sucks

Dreamlife said...

cookies and cream are definitely excellent :)

you should also try Neopolitan with the milk Chocolate Oreos.

that's a great combination too.

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