11:17 PM

mommy's day!!


me getting flu :(

writing beeg bad test today... but yay! sunday is mother's day :) mum's my best friend...and she looks like my sister! hehe, we went to a fair and i bumped into a guy friend (very cute), so we said hi and bye..til the next day on campus when he asks me 'who was that you were with? she's hot!' and then i looked at him and said 'that my mother.' hehe, should've seen the look on his face! priceless :) anyway, mom works really hard and as a single parent, i think she's done exceptionally well - i havnet had to resort to sniffing, swallowing or popping any of the drugs at the pharmacy (moms a pharmacist) and i have not tried to slit my ankles (slitting wrists is so common), so i think i've turned out ok :)

so come sunday, my mom's getting spoilt rotten! and im memon.hehe...anyway, i gotta rush to group meeting...and be all social and enthusiastically nerdy.love it! enjoy mummy's day! hope all the gifts are wrapped and ingredients bought for breakfast. toodles!


bibi-aisha said...

from post below, & this one, ur mum sure is lucky to have an ultra-sweet daughter like u, mashallah.

ur story of fair reminds me when i was in school, some guys in my year were telling a new guy about my older sis (whos very pretty) so tyron says-"yeah, iv seen her. she's hot. she picks u up from school, right" umm..no, tyron- thats my mum!

hitman jones said...

awww...sweet :)

'liya said...

Aww I hope you guys have a beautiful day together :)

qdee said...

tanx guys ;)
yeah, turned out great - and the flowers were so beautiful and huge that they couldnt fit on the coffe table lol :)

Fatima said...

lol@bibi-aisha & qdee about their hot mums :)

cute :)

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