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stardust..featuring our very own cast who think they're acting in Run for your Life2

Mj: woyoh ay! One shooting star! You saw you saw!
Dew: whatkine? Im busy drinking my waateh, don’t act shell.
Mj: right sight you, im gwaing to catch it (this was what he was doing during itikaaf)

Guadian: where you think you vaiying eh? Don’t act like your faatheh, you khan go.
MJ: ay don’t dulla with me, hold me back! Hold me back!
(mj blinds the guard with his shiny gold tooth and gets through)

suddenly, he bashes into Jo.

Jo: ay wakkine? You khan see im walking yeh and my leg wonly paining and staying?
Mj: (ay lukker stekkie this one is) ay you urt yourself when you fell from eaven?
Jo: jus my luck, crash into wun dumb boy…where’s your car man? Ope you got spinners hudderwise im not vaiying with you.
Waseem comes rushing towards them perched on a unicorn: yewa I am! The saviour! Comeway this side Jo, I’ll take you buy the market, buy you wun cow.
Jo: eish, seriaas? No man, you wonly want me for my bling.goway.
Jo walks off on her own until she hears something in the trees behind her…
And Organ Harvester pops out!
Jo: oo you?
OH: Thumba’s nephew from topside. Donate one organ yeh. Gimme your art! Poke.
Jo: ayor!! Nooooo!! Save meeee….
Suddenly, MJ comes running towards her and hits OH on the head with a candle.
Jo: where you was hall this time?
Mj: sorry ma, I went by Nando’s. you know they gort halaal one this side of the waaal ay? Sor nice.
Jo: an you nevair bring for me and come too.
Mj: ay jus keep waaalking…
(to be continued…OR! Complete the story ;) )


The Organ Harvester said...

woohoo we're doing accents. i want more.

The Organ Harvester said...

woohoo we're doing accents. i want more.

Waseem said...

Love it, reminds me of whose line is it anyway, scenes from a hat. Please continue it

this jo so nother kind don wanna cept my cow en al, So me him gonna vy on my hown missions, maybe cut one fowl. Hy naveh watch stardust yet, so khan hadd to story. Maybe hon monday.

Hamza Fareed said...

Rofl @ my leg honly paining and staying.
Def needs to be continued

Dew said...

lol! I love the accents, but you didn't put YOU in the story! You should have been the star (all sparkly and bright!) I should have been the goat man! (i LOVED him) and Mj should have been MIchelle Pfeifer so he could stare at his boobs the whole day.

Aye man, put a new wun there and all.

!Joe! said...

mj should get boobs with stars, sorta like janet jackson :)

lol, this was so cute, yay, i am like one shining star!!! one two dops and im glowing ekse! :)

qdee said...

hehe!! dew, dam me forgot about the whole boobs thing..i thought i'd be the moher, the fast one who doesnt chnage her clothes ;P

we need to write new script

hamza: ayor, why you dont put vicks ma?

joe: ya doll, you like the star wonly shining shining one way

M Junaid said...


I remember two years ago ( around this day) MJ and Dew were walking to the boom gate, and dew saw some shards of glass on the pavement and lowered herself, and proceeded to scoop it up into her hands ( that should have been my que to run :P
just jokes baby, just jokes ( to quote eddy murphy)

Joe the star - more like joe the decrepit space refuse
just jokes baby, just jokes ( to quote eddy murphy)

Woohoo - i fuck up OH with my thick long candle
just jokes baby, just jokes ( to quote eddy murphy)

MJ loves boobs dew, so while i may give myself the occasional grope, its more fun to ply with girls boobs.
Joe - :D grope fun JT .. err - aounds great
just jokes baby, just jokes ( to quote eddy murphy)

qdee said...

shards of glass? i dont get it. maybe im just slow

M Junaid said...

the car window was shattered
or maybe a tail light
one of the two - it was defin glass though

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