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Wow. Boy did I cringe last night…was looking through some old papers mum kept from like yonks ago (mum’s all sentimental and sweet. Which means- lots of lil mementos of when Q didn’t even know that hearts didn’t have faces on them) ;) so I found two cards. One said:

Dear mom. I love you..
you are the best mommy and the most beautiful mommy (heart with smiley face here)
i love your fluffy hair (i know, thats not a compliment)
please will you buy me BYNOKULARS. (see, stalking days started ages ago)
Sign here___________
Love, your dorter.

And then there was:
Dear mommy.
Roses are red
Violets are blue
Sugar is white
And so are you!
That’s why I love you ;)

Hehe, think that could get me into trouble in the new SA ;)

Oh and then I found this heart-wrenching and melodramatic poem I wrote a few years ago. Every poem of mine had to have butterflies and stars in it to make it a poem lol. I cant even remember who it was for or why..well, ok maybe a little, but its funny:

Haunted souls would seem less affected
Sun-drenched dreams take protection
Beneath ravaged branches of perfection
And shiver in an icy embrace.
A butterfly falters in the wind
The stars align and rip her wings.
Footprints on the dunes of a deserted mind,
The rulers never intended the heart’s smile.
Radiating beams of sweet shimmering sorrow
Pierce the petals of tomorrow
And selected affection takes its place

Anyhoo, im off tomorrow!! Yay!! Be good, and if eid is on Friday and I don’t get the chance to wish you lovely people…EID MUBAAARAAAAK!! Oh and please post all your Eidi for Q in the chatbox. And Waseem, R5 coins don’t count.
Hugs and mountains of bubble wrap,


The Organ Harvester said...

very entertaining. we had to ask my mom for money to buy her a present when we were kids. and the one thing i noticed is my handwriting has not improved. at least i grew into my head.

Waseem said...

the spelling of binoculars is so funny, so much childhood innocence. So was that letter all a buttering up attempt to get 'bynokulars'?

What about 2 R2s and a R1 :D

Major_chip_hazard said...

Hmmmm the makings of a great writer from such a young age.How about blank cheques,you accept those....lol

qdee said...

lol guys.
major, bring it!

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