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material, magic and my italian

nobody should be up this early on a cold rainy Monday morning. But a certain girlie managed to photocopy the wrong tut reading and relied on somebody else and now I need to go and do that all over again. Enough about that.
I cannot explain the beauty that came my way this weekend. Mum (miss Style Muffin) bought me this top. OMG. I cant stop looking at it and wondering where its been all my life. Its all funky and flowy and gorgeous. Maybe I shouldve bought two. Its just the most stunning thing!! Ooh, and then I got to choose fabric – silk, lace and organza for this evening gown for a ladeedaa wedding.lol. see, the problem is – I feel bad wearing things that cost a lot. Im trying to rationalize this somehow coz its just gonna be amazing and fairytale- like…
Anyway, before I start sounding materialistic, I must say that with two close family weddings coming up, im feeling tingly..in that ‘something good’s gonna happen’ way..coz it seems like family starting to finally pull together…feels great. And I get to invite five people to this wedding in durbs coz its huge lol. See? Tingly excitedness! And then there’s laudium…I could live there. And the wedding’s a good excuse to be glittery and graceful coz we’ll be welcoming the people.woohoo!! hmm…kinda makes me feel like getting married too. Feel like. Feel like. Not want to. I have marriage issues – like, if I get married now and choose the colour theme, in two years, I don’t wanna look back and think ‘damn, those were horrible tones, cant I do it all over again?’ hehe, bet im sounding like a real ditz now. Oh- and there’s that tiny problem of deciding on the right groom ;)
My cards are ready!! Cant believe my first beeg company order…and I friend gave me a brilliant idea last week which could be very fruitful. And while this weekend rocked, I still managed to miss saying goodbye to juju, who went to London by like 3 hours. Not good. I was supposed to run behind the plane in my red sari and say ‘jaao juju, jaao’ and cry my eyes out lol, but I kinda overslept ;) nevermind. There’s always December.
Man. Im freezing and im wearing 3 layers. And I cant stop and now ive adopted a nasty habit of sleeping through sehri. So Q’s shrinking again. Not that I mind. But the headaches aren’t very pleasant. ;) so I was reading an Islamic book…and it said coz your soul is operating at different levels of consciousness and time, your dreams often float between them and that’s how dreams can seem to real, or actually happens later in life. If that’s true, it means a hot Italian guy’s gonna follow me in Spar every Sunday and play monopoly with me.yay!
Im off to unfreeze and save my eyes from the blinding view of a fat chick in low rise jeans sitting in front of me.
Loves an ‘ugs from Lugz
After eid, its my first bunny chow.


Waseem said...

Where are you going to go have your bunny? Please don't go to Coconut Grove, it will make you sick. I don't think they make prawns bunny ;)

I wish some of my dreams come true, like the ones I fly.

!Joe! said...

ooh, no, beans bunny from patel's in town!!! :D yum, i love beans in bunnies...i think you are gonna look amazing in that dress!i am not liking my pink one anymore:( i look like a walking falooda monster...i wonder if i can get it re-sewn into something better...anyway, if people in your family don't get married often weddings are a cool thing:)lol, you running behind the plane :D:D:D that moment should be filmed!

qdee said...

i dont know where to go Waseem..i need a guide.
joe..beans. not too cray about them.maybe chicken? lol, falooda monster!! hun your dress was stunning! i might not get thies one. i think its a waste of money for one evening..
btw, juju says london rocks. lets go for my birthday!

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