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amaaaandla free thinkers and prawns

My baby’s coming home tonight!! YAY ;) after the goodbyes and two nights of separation and my sadness…my computer’s being discharged from ICU!! Idiot virus. Even infected my digital camera. As a friend said to me ‘be careful where you put stick your stick.’ Lol! Ok I cant think. Im sitting in the lan while the SRC elections are going on and this guy on the mike is going crazy saying Amaaaandla as the most inopportune times and he’s just basically driving people crazy coz he only has 2 little girls behind him going ‘amaandla’ in little voices. Poor things think they’re getting paid for this. I keep thinking about ocean basket..and the day dew, jo and I had lunch there. I miss prawns. Amandla prawns!! This chick came up to me from the SRC and said ‘hi, we have Indian people as candidates, so I hope you vote.’ I wanted to turn around and slap her and say ‘oh thanx my little coconut, but what kind of campaigning is that? And im not Indian, im a white that’s just gotten a hectic tan, so tell me, which white can I vote for, since there are only blacks and Indians there, but you’ve just implied I wont vote for a black person?’
That’s what gets me! Assumptions. And that too, on race. And within race stereotypes. Somebody said to me last week ‘oh, you’re friendly for a memon.’ Now I took that as a compliment instead of going at him on a tangent coz he’s basically a good guy. Let me spell this out. Memons are not little demons just waiting around to make a quick buck out of you. And I resent the inclusion, coz if you look closely, we’re quite generous – and while some do only focus on money, I think ive carved an identity for myself that would project something positive. Yet, I get the memon crap. Well you know what, im proud of it – I wouldn’t want to be any other way..so is there a memon I can vote for? Essentially, we all don’t speak the languages from the Indian villages we stem from. Hell, I don’t even know which one I came from, I just heard that there were free air particles, hence our long noses ;) yeah yeah. Lame.whatever. im just saying. Don’t judge.
Amandla free thinkers! Now that I’d vote for. And another thing. Don’t assume im like somebody else coz im their friend. As a ‘prospective’ said to me..’I have three brothers..but you know whats good..we all have different personalities.’ ;) startling. But true. Don’t box me in. I will put myself into an egg box when I feel the need.

Just let things be. Coz if I wanted to, I could unleash a can of whip-ass and that wouldn’t be pretty. (Coz I’d probably be the one crying ;) ) lol. Anyway, I got some orders to complete :D so I’ll be off to buy things. OMG I got the biggest bargain yesterday on white stones for my vases. Amaaandla bargain basket! By the way, my birthday list will be out soon- and if you buy me something from bargain basket or everlasting – I’ll know ;) but seriously though, a day with friends playing charades would be awesome!! Dew acted out ‘serendipity’ the last time lol – now that was hardcore! Amaaandla charades!
My fingers are freezing…maybe its coz of the cold radiating from my heart ;) or so some people think. To juju, whose going to London – I know you’ll rock it. And please try not to look suspicious ;) Nikhat: it’s a Ramadaan miracle that Sheldon our baby turtle has come back to life! ;) and if the internet is mean to you, its just coz its jealous of your hotness ;) Amaaandla science people!


juju said...

Going to London on Saturday,cant wait to go. I need the break.
Gonna take my digital camera with me and i'll post the pics on my blog.
Just that fasting isn't gonna be fun London, and Eid will probably be worse.

Waseem said...

Lol! I was the one who said the memon thing. I meant it as a joke though :P. Stereotypes are funny. Sorry if I offended you though.

Anonymous said...

gotta love the stereotypes.

qdee said...

lol Was, its ok..just made me think

qdee said...

lol juju, finally, the blog has a purpose! :)

Dew said...

woohoo I acted out serendipidity... (when? and did anybody get it? )

Mwah mwah

qdee said...

it was Fati's birthday remember hun? with sakeena? but yeah, somebody guessed it!

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