12:06 AM

shoes, burgers and the bridal suite

It has just come to light that MissQ is writing both her majors on the same day. Brilliantly timed end of year finale. And while im as stroppy about it as Rachel Ray without lasagne, im happily aware that in two days of exams, I’ll be done. Bang bang. Hmm..reminds me of yesterday when I almost got killed, but that’s another funny story im keeping for my grandkids. Anyhoo, went shopping for bling outfit for wedding and wow, did I find something bling. Managed to rustle up an audience as well! Now that was hilarious and totally cool. Its nice once in a while to let people fuss over you and try on things in a bridal suite with crystals and lights and wowness. And then I had the yummiest burger ever!! Q isn’t into red meat, but I craved a normal burger with the works. And I got it :D and I found mum cute shoes! And I bought more shoes for me!! SHOES SHOES!! In the absence of mxit, I managed to find the time to revel in the quiet joys of the weekend, and get a lot done. and yes, im giving you an account of my rocking weekend and you had better enjoy it, coz I managed to wing it like some multi-tasking princess, so give Q a big whoop for doing exactly what she and mom planned ;) and flights are booked and things are falling into place for later next month when I get to chill with family and friends I haven’t seen in ages. Anyway, I have a lecture to go to..my lecturer is incredibly cute ;) in a postmodern, x-factor YDE kind of way…but alas, these last few lectures must be difficult for him too…you know, saying goodbye lol. Have a stunningly free and unobtrusive day.


juju said...

hmmm.. burgers...
I'm making burgers on Saturday to watch the soccer. Flame grilled baby. 2 patties, chips, lettuce, tomato, 2 slices of cheese, gherkins, jalapenos, hash brown, mayonaise, chilisauce, onions, macon and an egg.
It's my "Suicide Burger".
I can't wait.

juju said...

Almost forgot, gotta have mustard, cucumbers and mushrooms in there as well.
And a vanilla milkshake to wash it down.

r said...

better book yourself into hospital in advance as well.. Sounds like you're aiming for cardiac arrest! Your royal Qness, i has to create a fabulous dress in less than 2 months. I cant find fabric im excited in, let alone a decent reasonable dressmaker who doesn't demand my unborn first child.. Please wave some magic Q dust my way..?

qdee said...

oh my, juju- i guess it'll be a happy suicide then ;P
vanilla milkshake and egg and meat? *Q thinks happy thoughts of salad and water*

r: omg, i know perfect drssmaker. she ion lockhat arcade. Al-Quba designs..and minty's across the arcade :)

Kate Spade Messenger Bag said...

The experience was awesome. My cousin picked this dress for her bridesmaids and I love it. It's a snug fit but it doesn't make me feel squeezed or anything like that.

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