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a sprinkling of stardust

lalala…stardust rocked majorly!! And no, its not a fag movie. And don’t believe all the nonsense about it in the papers. It just swept me beyond my expectations. SO GO WATCH IT! And if iv sounded a tad violent recently, its coz people you expect to protect you, don’t. that’s just the way it is and we need to accept that. There. Accepted and moving swiftly along. Had a weird experience with prawns last night. Somehow we ended up with a kg of imported Indian prawns. The kind that wear turbans and make their way down to your tummy nodding their heads and saying, ‘what is happening yaar? Im not liking this spiritual journey very much, wait, ill sing one Hindi tune- make heverything better.’ And MissQ who is mad about prawns, actually had an adverse reaction to them for the first time in her very adventurous and encyclopeadic life! See? Dodgy Indian-ness is in the water. Or waaateh rather ;) but somehow I don’t think it’ll ever put me off prawns. Omg. I had prawn Quiche once. Now that was the awesomest thing! But they took it off the menu..conspiracies I tell you! Anyway, is there a point?
Ah yes. hands off the burfi. Its mine.


The Organ Harvester said...

Ok so it has Robert De Niro, only one of my favourite actors. I may go see it. And I promise I will leave the burfi alone. Yuck!

Some people will try to protect you but in the end it is up to you to come out and face whatever scares you, head on. I hate fear. It makes me act like a flaming sod. Hence the term bulletproof me.

M Junaid said...

i loved the movie
i couldnt stop laughing during the first few scenes though - i loved the part where the evil witch becomes youthful and perky. yeah - that was awesome
sorry for troubling you by talking all the time - i like talking in the movies - not give a running commentary or whatever - but i like the occasional nugget
q! you smuggled date crunchies into musgrave!
what we watching this tuesday?

Waseem said...

Aaw not only did I miss out on the movie, I missed out on date crunchies, I think im going to go cry now :(

Nazeer said...

No! Just step away from the burfee, and nobody gets hurt! ARRR!!

!Joe! said...

I wanna be claire danes :( well, her character...oh, well, I had date crunchies, yum...crap I'm thinking about it again! lol, your prawn sounds entertaining :D hmm...as long as no one's touching the chana magaj im cool :)

qdee said...

lol, sometimes im just blinded by the coolness of all my commenters ;)

OH: YOU HAVE TO SEEE THE MOOVIE!! you leave the burfi alone, i wont bash your tv this weekend and we got a deal ;)

mj: i know! hehe, we gotta get the dvd.as for your talking, you're lucky you're like my best fwend. ooh this tuesday i wanna see...stardust! again again!

was: aw..i still have date crunchies, i can dhl em to you?

Nazeer: you have had enough burfi to feed a small nation ;P ARR!

Joe: omg. i have chana magaj too. we should all have a sweetmeat party..but we need to keep an eyes on Waseem. he might OD.

Dew said...

Well, I do want to see the end...btw whta the heck happened at the end? sincing we had to run off for my lecture and we were late.

Was - you didn't miss much - but the goat man...hes the man. I LOVED him. I want him. I want to eat him!..um eugh..okay I want to pet him!

M Junaid said...

im reading your old stuff again :(

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