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popping corn

Q had intelligent conversation last night :D yay! Just when I thought it didn’t exist..just when the dumb sentences and questions from select few were threatening to cage me into the world of people who don’t get it…I was rescued!!! So, to celebrate, I will spoil myself with copious amounts of milktart and a hiatus from weird people who just don’t get the hint ;) I feel I need to confess something that only I know about and even though im close to my friends, I have never said divulged this information. Some of you may be silenced by shock..others may walk away screaming, ‘why didn’t you tell me this before!’ and others may just send sms’s saying ‘I don’t think I can be associated with you anymore.’ But I need to say this…here goes.

Im wearing a broken shoe.

There. Its out there. And I might add that the said shoe is the flat biscuit shoe. So named by Dew, as it looks like memon biscuits with dusty gold beads on it. And I just cant afford to not match my shoes with my choc milkshake and copper attire today, so Q, the lady, wore the broken shoe. And the broken-ness is concealed, but lets just say that if it rains, im screwed ;) coz right now the breeze from the aircon is turning my baby toe blue. But fashion before comfort I always say :D so yeah, if you cant handle being friends with broken shoe girlie, then…gimme back my hugs and smiles in a cardboard box ;)

there are beans jumping around in my head. I think it’s the remnants of the field trip to Warwick (pronounced war-Rick, please, don’t say ‘Waawick’ coz I’ll burn all your blue or silver belongings and dance around the fire). The trip was fun in a grassroots, roughing it out kinda way. Apart from the icky people who tried feeling us up, but hey, it’s the Durban experience ;) and I made friends with people. O.H, I hope you’re proud of me lol. And I trusted somebody to hold my water bottle for 3 seconds…and then we all held hands and crossed the road lol. Im excited. Spending the day here with a rocking friend of mine and we’re gonna like hang and chill and be totally phly homey! I stop now, im really bad at that. As you can tell.
Shame, im feeling a little bad. Just bumped into a friend who I deleted from Mxit. Its not that I stopped being interested in chatting to him, but he got a bit much, like he was tooooo excited ALL the time. I recall a conversation:
Him: so what you doing this holiday? Going north coast? South coast? Where you going?
Q: no, not going anywhere.
Him: ya? Why? You working? Im at the beach! Im lying on the sand!
Q: no, we’re redoing the kitchen
Him: ay that’s so lukker!! We bought a new stove!! :D :D :D

Q: that’s nice. See, he’s extremely sweet, but too overwhelming. Anyway, now he asks why im not on mxit and this lie just popped out ‘I deleted my mxit im so busy.’ Eish, the words just came out before I could haul them back. And he was all ‘oh shame and you mustn’t stress you know you’ll do well.’ So im feeling crappy. I’ll be over it in 5 minutes, after I eat the chicken roti chips thing for lunch..oooh…

about this chatbox thing..battle of the ego’s? its entertaining though. As long as its doesn’t get too offensive. And keep Q out of it. She has her own opinions. Popcorn. That’s what I want. With buttersalt


Waseem said...

lol poor guy... that makes me think of couple of contacts i have, they are online most of the time but I don't chat to them, but I don't delete them cos I feel bad. But I can't even chat to them now cos its been months since I chatted to them, its too late to reinitiate conversation. They are in a mxit limbo now, nestled away in a hidden group.

Whats memon biscuits, I dunno if i ever had that?

The Organ Harvester said...

EISH intelligent conversation. you should send me that number. i need it to keep me on the straight and narrow.

Dew said...

hey! I had the roti chip thing today too! it was so goood.

and Q, I can't believe it. How could you not tell me, and to think i waak with you heverywhere.
broken biscuit shoe...hmph. How can you do that to me? oh the shame!


qdee said...

LOL dew!! :D the way i was wanting to tell you..but i jus knew you wouldnt buy ghadra beans for me nomore

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