2:47 AM

yesterday's murder

Gashing at my flesh
As fresh as yesterday’s murder,
Notes surge through frozen indigo veins
Bringing blue lips to life once again.

Why did you bring me here again?
‘to recompose the decomposed,’ my dear.
Barely brushing the autumn leaves,
I linger in memories swirling yellows and pinks…
Dancing along the trail of bloody warmth.

Echoing through an eerie midnight,
Shadows laugh…and silence my screams…
Darkened spirits await me in their
Leafy slumber
Gnawing at my wedding dress

U take my brittle hand and walk me down
The aisle of death you laid out for me
A thousand times before
Tonight’s murder is just the same --
A kiss in the August breeze

Until tomorrow, the axe strikes twice,
“u have to get rid of those stains,” my dear
I sink into the shallow grave
You dig up ever so often and
Smile beneath your precious feet.


Ó Seasnáin said...

very morbid - but not overdone. I find it interesting, and drawing, but I am slightly confused...

Serina said...

Hey! i think this is sooooooooo cool. And it would make a great rock song. Im thinking Amy Lee's voice would be perfect for it.

You should send it to Evanesence. I can picture the music video already

Dew_drops said...

I love this poem.

On a less serious note, it reminds me very much of corpse bride.

You have talent Q.

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