2:46 AM

perfectly flawed

It will never be enough for them to see me flawed as I am
I will never be them.
These betraying mirrors, mocking my deepest desires,
Reflecting ordinarily me.

Consumed in their plastic worlds, day after day
Affection can be afforded and sold
They are fair judges of souls wrapped in colour
Blindly wasting their Divine powers with
Shallow hearts and spirits of cold stone

Yet I wish I were worthy of their praise,
My wretched existence would not go worthless
And disappear into nothing but scorn.
The depth in my eyes is as precious as shattered glass
In this material world.

Then you voice tells me I would have to send my love,
My depth of being, to another heaven
Because with it, I am flawed.
You might abide in the perfect painted shell
But I shall not sacrifice my flaws for your life of transient joy.

My gift of flaws shall save me from your near fate,
I pity your poor imprisoned mind,
For reality is unreal to you, save for the rising of the sun,
Which will soon summon you to Him
Then only will you see that time will not return for you.

I would wait eternities in this withered, vain world
To watch you struggle to grow a heart when the painted blush
On your rosy cheeks fades
And dullness invades your lips and eyes
Oh murderer of your own soul,
You cannot wake the dead.


Ó Seasnáin said...

This is lovely. I like the anti-Renaisance feel.

qdee said...

thank you...

Dew said...

I love this poem Q.Yay! Im here. missing you.

Lady said...

wowzeee! i like!!!! :)))
it had me staring at the words long after reading,
if anyone had seen me, i'm sure i'd be mistaken for an idiot:) NOT! :P

:) You have a brilliant way with words :)

They dance their own rhythm on the screen, very nice indeed.

qdee said...

aw thanks lady :)
made my day

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