11:15 PM


the date is all out, but i just love this picture -- its the view i get to see every morning...well, those mornings when i can actually open my eyes and take a peek out the balcony and resist the urge to jump over.


!Joe! said...

Hey! No jumping! That's my job!
Lovely picture - the intense red cooling off into blueness. And you can see the beach below, you lucky monkey!

qdee said...

lol lucky monkey that was awake at 5am to go to the airshow :)

M Junaid said...

Dont jump Jo.. whoops, sorry, force of habit. Dont Jump Q! if you go, then i won't have any one to do a victory dance for. last time i checked - i still owe you a magnum- although i wouldnt hold my breath or anything - seems i'm slowly accepting the inevitable.
ok - too many cryptic messages. sniff - i'm at al ansaar right now working on the programming schedule for the new radio station licence - sigh - why couldnt i just be a token board member, without any responsibilities. :(

qdee said...

because you love al-ansaar. al-ansaar is you...and that magnum isnt coming. so im jumping!

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