2:50 AM

The stars have come out to play tonight
Glimpsing through prisms of rose-shaded dreams
Willing wishes to bloom
In a universe we call our own,
You and I have sketched eternity.
The remains of broken hearts that have
Chased the wind,
The old sequins that have lost their shimmer
Eternity has come and gone.
Roses wilt, new buds hold promise
Floating on the tide of time,
We tread on petals of ice.
The resilient material hunger,
Paralysing the soul with a stormy embrace.
Friendships falter in
The war of acceptance.
Swept up by dark waves to unforgiving shores.
Curtains fall, the lights fade,
The world buys your act
Playtime’s over.
Stars watch on, the clocks count the seconds lost.
And another rose wilts to soon in
The garden of faith.


M Junaid said...

pretty words ..

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