2:22 AM


the apple never falls far from the tree-
if you want something done right, dont do it at all..
a pound of cheese is good- especially if its good cheese.
my point is clear


Dew said...

Theres a deep meaning somewhere here.
I know it!

Well, anyway I love cheese and I love your witty anecdotes.

You probably reading this early in the morning. If its 7 50 now, I'll probably be deciding wha colour scarf to wear and if I should take my umbrella. See you in half an hour.Have stories for you:)

M Junaid said...

you seem to favour cheese alot hey. i recall a comment you made in dews blog regarding said dairy product. well - i have constant references to apple lagan on my blog, so i guess the cheese thing is cool.

qdee said...

well, its 7:33am and i think you should wear that red scarf and bring your umbrella! cant wait to hear stories ;)
and congrats on winning- knew you would do it!

!Joe! said...

you know I am the queen of "if you want something done right, don't do it at all." it's the perfectionist in me. As for the apple not falling far from the tree - just look at my pa and me :)

Serina said...

Truly thought provoking (I think)

Neway as long as the cheese has non-animal rennet in it, its all good.

Hey Sweetheart!

qdee said...

welcome to the blogging family :)

Serina said...

Thanks. I was inspired by you

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