10:50 PM

for dollop

May you never look in the mirror and find that your smile doesn’t reach your eyes...always know that brighter days lie ahead…may the ocean wash away the sadness that your footsteps leave behind and carry you to better days of sunshine…and one day, when you’re flying high above the clouds and all you can see are silver linings, I hope you celebrate that in life you have come so far and made so many people happy.


!Joe! said...

ooh...aerial shot:)

Thanks Q, I was feeling really down, and this made me smile...love u.

qdee said...

prizes for guessing who dollop is :)

Dew said...

ooh pretty. love you too Joe, wish I couldve spoken more to you today, thanks for coming:) :) :)

oh, And Q I love you too:)

qdee said...

me wanted to be there :( :(

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