10:36 PM

this is where the title goes

this dam *** blog isnt letting me post a pic!! or choose text colour ;( and i have such a pwetty pic to post ;( and this ***** blog NOT HELPING ME!!!!!!!!!!!
now the writing's gonna be all sick green looking and not clean and white and this post is gonna be bland without a pic. dam technology.


there's alot going on right now. like take Jane for example. there's jack, who doesnt give a shit about her, yet she keeps running after him and bashing into the rock wall that is his stone cold heart, while Jake on the other hand, is running after her- but she doesnt care. and then Q has to sit and help out the situation and try not to kill herself while ingesting all this whiney nonsense. im like, yes, we've all been there, but dont make this my problem. i have my own pretty lil issues to sort out.
oh and to the cute lil people who mailed me and messaged me that they're glad im back, fank you ;) you make Q smile like an ecstatic yellow smiley. by the way, i decided to break the shopping drought yesterday and guess what - i found nothing. absolutely nothing i liked. and i was itching to spend money, so i spent it on food ;) (which i couldnt finish - whch means something's wrong with me, but we deal with that later).

flip man! the pic i was gonna post was so cute. so yesterday my friend pulls out a marble from my pencil case that i forgot was there. good friend gave it to me, and it was like one of those moments where you realise, that hey, this person is still one of my best friends and even though life can get hectic, they'll be there to send you an sms that'll make you laugh out loud or give a beeg hug when you feel like the world isnt working for you...or! give you a marble when they know you've lost yours ;)

ok, i have another meeting to get to. and i swear by the chicken shwarma from wrap it up! that i will get the text colour changed and get the pic posted!!


M Junaid said...

which loser gives marbles ;)

Waseem said...

Jack, Jane and Jake story sounds like something from a soap, or a hindi movie. Lets get srk to play jack, rani for jane and logie for jake.

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