11:32 PM

its funny how some people,
can tell you one thing, then do another,
knowing it would hurt you and
turn around and be public about it.
but i guess double standards
come with not having a conscience.
sad little immoral attention seeker.


M Junaid said...

Your post reminds me of what Professor Patrick Bond said about Thabo Mbeki in his book 'Talk Left, Walk Right'.

i know how to cheer you up - we throw stuff at waseem ok? those big bertha balls

qdee said...

omg..you know how excited i get about throwing things!! :D
i want to throw certain ppl in the bin for acting all pure, when we all know they arent.
anyway, talking left and walking right..brings back memories of journalism...thinking back, you realise how different things are without all the crap, and how things can be now if we shut out the crap. we rock.

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