4:44 AM

A blank sheet, begging to be written on, drawn on, or at least crumpled up and thrown away. for a brief moment, a dance with a rush of air and a rapid descent into the darkness…met with a new texture, a new fear, and the weight of the expectation to do something great lifted off burdened corners. Who ever thought we would amount to this much nothingness…who ever thought out loud with a hint of predictive humour that this would be where our footsteps would lie. Here. Today. And if somebody had never taken this leap of faith and trusted in the intriguing mystery of the path that called, this today would be different. And who knows where the descent would have lead. Well. I guess now we will never know. And comfortingly so. Yet the new comfort comes with new fears and the bottom is an illusion of booby-trapped tiles that beg to be danced on. I will never know if I don’t try..and that is the way the world creaks and rumbles on, on its axis, unaware of the risks, the ascents and descents that it contains. Everyday a new hope, a loss, a confusion, a clarity and the constant hum of people packing up their lives and venturing onto a new track.

Would you miss what you left behind I wonder…even though you don’t know its here.

There must be some magnetic force that draws you onto the path of a speeding train even though you know you’ll lose yourself. Yet. Don’t we all hope to be proven wrong? Waiting. For some ‘thing’ to stop the earth from turning for 30 seconds so things can fall into place, and get it spinning again. Craving. For that rush of air…knowing the descent is ahead, and hoping to be proved wrong. And yet, sometimes we are proven wrong. At the times we least expect, from the sources we least expect; and you are able to trust the things you always doubted. And yes, I would miss it even though I don’t know that its here. It’s the fleeting glance of it that brings me back every time, taking the same path, hoping to see the reflection on the piece of glass being held up to the light.


M Junaid said...


yeah - i luv you maN

saaleha. bamjee. hyphen. said...

I'm suddenly reminded of the biblical story about the brother who buried his Talent.
I wonder if that's what I'm doing here sometimes, little flashes of promise but no follow-up.

This was really good.

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