11:52 PM

ode to bob

today is very sad day...my lil fishy bob has passed on. we will have a day of mourning. orbituaries and poems are welcome...


Shiraz said...

poor bob. He will surely be missed. We need to start a collection to send dot and com for therapy.

SingleGuy said...

Bob, Bob, Bob,
that's what you did,
so you were named for it.
And now you will be missed
for no longer will there be a
Bob, Bob, Bob,
instead a flush, flush, flush.

Another Bob should take note,
even though he has not demised,
all we still hear is flush flush flush:
The sound of the Zimbabwean economy.

M Junaid said...

Here Lies Bob.

Bob, I knew thee. i knew thee well. the times we shared resonate through my soul like an EMP to an Ipod. How can i forgot the afternoon of chicken little, or the evening of debonairs. so many memories bob, so many reminders that make me smile.

I know tha you are looking down on us right now - swimming away in fishy heaven with jaws and nemos mummy. give them our salaams bob.

qdee said...

aww....all that was so sweet ;(
thanks guys

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