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nervous crossers anonymous

yay :) the marbles pic is in! this morning was such a blonde morning for missQ. my sandal fell off while i was getting on the bus..and then when i eventually did get on, this faaaaat dude stepped on my toes ;( ow. i just feel like im not going to get through this day without being scratched or stomped or poked. calamity jane. but really, its not my fault. i have those days alot...you know when you're walking in a mall, or in town and people just seems to get in your way - or rather, you seem to be in everyone's way and you're like 'whats wrong with me! im a hazard to society!' and then you just decide to go home before you run over a small quiet kid. im bad wth crossing roads to..they should have anonymous meetings called 'Nervous Crossers' and we'd have meetings. and they'd be right around the corner, so I wouldnt have to cross the road to get there. or better yet, the therapist would come home ;) the only thing getting me across the road is the thought of that perfect lil choc donut waiting for me at Spar.

although sometimes i do have my rebellious brave moments where im like, bring it on! you know? and i cross with confidence. anyway, im hungover. saturday night rocked...i learnt how to play pool. let me first say that that cue (or the Q as mj puts it) was dam heavy! i mean its a stick, but its heavy! its like my height. which made me insecure, but i overlooked that and managed to get like 3 balls in the hole thingy (2 of which were the white one). and then i got half drenched in rain..and then i realised my lovely white sandal broke on the side ;( see? i have horrible luck wth sandals...but i realised my passion!! found my calling! that bin game where you throw the ball in as fast as you can ;) we went a bit crazy over that. by me, i mean me.and raeesa. its good for releasing rage etc. totally better than therapy.
missQ has to go to seminar now. with 3 people in it, there's no way i can fall asleep ;(
loads of hugs and blue smarties...


Waseem said...

Aw no Waseem in the post ;).

The nervous crossers should also include those drivers at robotless intersections who are too scared to turn.

M Junaid said...

thats because waseem was in his own world for the last seven outings ;)

Q was way better than mj in pool. Let me feign some sort of nagging injury to justify my uselessness.

Next time. Go karting!

Waseem said...

Waseem will lose in go karting. Im too cautious. but what the heck might as well try.

And waseem wasnt in his own world all the time, only sometimes. I wont swear you on Qs blog.

Ya you suck at pool MJ, yuraaz even could have beat you and he did. Next time Waseem & MJ pool showdown. Ill take revenge for ice hockey

M Junaid said...

its air hockey motherfucker - ice hockey is played on *spoiler alert* ice :P

i find it hard to detach myself from the gaming world so when i go go karting i imagine im in mario kart - so keep your distance people! we should go soon - before the little school going punks are on holiday. yuck - bottom feeders!

i'l have my revenge in pool - imlike one hustal larnie - black ball skrik for me, you check. im a tiger on the felt
(QD is better than me :(

Waseem said...

my bad ... but we did play ice hockey on ps2, and i owned you on that.

It sounds like a plan, what is everyone doing this weekend?

M Junaid said...

great idea. I'm down with that. Go karting will rule. Then we should catch juno tomorro night i guess. If mario kart is correct, fat chick will have the slowest acceleration but fastest top speed.
I base all scientific laws on video games. Hence i got a c in matric. But this time we start earlier and we get the folks home before midnight. Can.t afford to have them change back into pumpkins in my car

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