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space invaders

Oh.my.god. I had another bus ‘adventure.’ Very traumatic. See, the bus missed me again. The guy just didn’t see me waving my arm off like some possessed lil rag doll. So I waited there for another half an hour and finally, another bus came – only this time, the driver didn’t know the way to campus, and thanks to eskom, the traffic lights weren’t working, so my life flashed before my eyes quite a few times..well, I figured, at least I’d die with my red jacket on ;) anyway. The bus wasn’t that full, till this overbearing ‘woman’ (I say ‘woman’ because she was acting more like a fat parasite with no concept of personal space) came and sat next to me – rather, on top of me!! So much so, that I couldn’t reach my phone in my pocket when it rang – and there she was, well-dressed, and happily chewing her bubblegum in my face!! ;( it was so scary ;( and I kept thinking about bad words and what I could kill her with my umbrella. Im so glad its over…this day can only get better right?
Right? Say yes!
As for this weekend…now that was an adventure in itself. The aunts came home for weekend. Flip, it was like I was in Prison Break. My phone got inspected, my room got examined, everytime I coughed I got that look that says – you cough again and im attacking you with Vicks, my clothes got xrayed and my cute lil fishies ot interrogated. And my poor mummy just got tired. All I remember was cooking. A lot.

Q endorses Juno by the way – oh and heaven icecream, choc brownie flavour.

Anyway, back to personal space- some people just have no grasp of what it means. I used to have this friend in school and she used to hit me lol, like everytime she made a joke and laughed, I used to get a slap on the arm or thigh. And hard! I think it was coz she had so many brothers, that she got all butch. As for me, I was all feminine and sensitive – and bruised. Somehow I managed to distance myself. Then there are those people who always want to hug – or overdo the mwah thing. Especially guys. Ew. For Q to hug somebody, it takes at least a year to graduate from the outer circumference of the personal space into the next circle etc. u cant just bypass the circumference ok!! There’s a system. And when it comes to sharing drinks with people – there’s another system, but that’s a whole different blog post ;) as for the ‘getting touchy in public people,’ please get a room. I don’t feel like being nauseous. Your bf isn’t going to run away if you don’t pin him down to earth by sitting on his lap – he will not go off in another direction if you stop hanging onto him – you aren’t a magnet. Don’t get me wrong, I love people, just stay on your side of the line, and we be ok, I promise ;)


Waseem said...

hehe sharing drinks :), that one is for me. Did you watch Taal? the sharing drinks thing has different connotation.

How would you kill lady with your umbrella?

qdee said...

i missed taal ;( erm..i have some ideas on killing her. but i think mentioning them here wouldnt be legal

M Junaid said...

urgh! i hate when guys send mwahs all the time - especially to random chicks they dont know - i found jhb guys do it often. i'l occasionaly read on facebook 'thansk for accepting my friend invite. youre hot. mwah!'
What gives!

Cyanide and happiness :)

I have major personal space issues - and i hug only a select few people (well, girls) im not the type to throw myself around everyone just to get a quick feel - i prefer to ask.

Waseem said...

aaw but mj you hug me, and im not a girl.

you hit it right on the head with that message, with incorrect spelling too. like this one guy on my sisters wall. 'hewo, how you'. 'Hewo' should be banned

quraisha said...

er..you and Was hug?

M Junaid said...

yeah - i hug guys all the time - thats no problem - doesnt make me gay - i just dont like touching ghair mahram girls

juju said...

I don't hug, full stop.

"Hewo", "Mwah".
You just know that guy is gay.
No other way to explain it.

Singleguy said...

You know, Qdee, I really take my hat for you that you take public transport. I think that is SO Cool. I would too, if it wasn't hectically dangerous to do that here in CT, or if by taking my car I was able to get there 40 min earlier than by using a train.

qdee said...

lol, juju: you dont hug..yeah, i guess i shouldv picked that up. you macho dude you.

singleguy: i like the independence i have with public transport, dont have to depend n anyone.but if the bus doesnt come, im screwed...i took public transport in CT - but it was some tourist thing. you shoudl come to dbn, we have bus adventure ;)

bb_aisha said...

I'd love to take public transport, but not possible in jhb. Although, when i was working at CII in lenz, I used to take bus (luckily stopped outside our flat) to town & taxi to Lenz.
SA definitely needs decent public transport systemm & decent, less expensive cabs-which roam the streets.

i'm big on my personal space. i'm ok now with females hugging in greeting (i wasn't before) but i rarely initiate a hug.
& many people have commented on my tendency to move away when they come too close

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