10:16 PM

waking up

elo all yous goods peoples :)
yeah. ok i trying to force myself to be in a good mood so i can wake up....and i have crappy meeting at 9am ;( oh well.
ew. i think somebody next to me let one go...a very beeg one.
im so forgetful today!! me almost forgot to press the bell thingy on the bus this morning when it got near my stop. almost landed up very fay from where i supposed to be...and then i forgot some other stuff i cant remember now. and no, im not getting old, i just tired.
ooh, A1 this weekend!!! yaaay!! it soo cool to hear the cars in the morning.
ok. i too tired to type.
jumma mubarak
ps. if you draw or knows anyone who draws political cartoons, or wants to write artcles for a newsletter, let me know...
fankyoubye @--'--


The Organ Harvester said...

i cant draw, but i can write. sometimes all the words together make sense. and besides i need it on portfolio. so let me know.

qdee said...

hey you
seems i can draw lol, so im doing cartoons..but if you'd like anything published, around 800 words, mail it to me and i take it to editor.
have rocking day

The Organ Harvester said...

on what subject? political satire? religious shenanigans?

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