10:25 PM

hello hi.
missQ is wearing the sunshine top today.. ahem ahem.hint hint to the rocking person who bought it for her ;) im so hungry. i've been dying for this chicken shwarma and huge serving of chips with mayo and chili from wrap it up.but nobody seems to understand!!! i need it. like i need to live you know?
ugh. group projects again this year..this time i cant seem to keep the bitchiness in.
oWWW! this dude across me just kicked me under the table..flip. he doesnt care. i bet he's downloading 'corn' as we speak! yeah, so i been thinking...and drawing..and thinking some more...what's better? avoiding or confrontation..coz im in whatever mode and apparently i shouldnt be. but its working for me right now. im all chilled like. lark im sow chilled dude...its lark totally narce..everythings all waat and blue china...
k enough. crap man! this guys feets are so damn huge, i cant sit. basket!
me have to run off to seminar.yay me ;(
if i dont post by thursday..lemme just say HAPPY BIRTHDAY NIKKI!! love you loads my lil aloo!


Waseem said...

II'm a non confrontational person, so I try my best to avoid stuff. Sometimes confrontation is inevitable. I guess its best to stand up for what you believe in.

Isnt that chicken shwarma thing called birdy num num or is that something else

qdee said...

birdy num num? shame! i wouldnt eat that!

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