10:14 PM

why Q gets squished alot.

i got squished on the bus this morning...it seems like i attract these 'healthy' people, coz im sitting there, sleeping with my eyes open in the hope that this bus will take me to anywhere beautiful, except campus, when im jolted awake by somefatbody's thigh or elbow half on top of me. i mean, there's a whole lota space at the back, but no, they will choose to sit next to the small girlie in the front, who by the end of the trip, will have practically become one with the window.

yeah, that happened to me agin this morning...this beeeg chick came and shoved her way into my area, with a big checkers packet and a lunchbox in it which she obviously favoured over me, coz she held it up in my face like it was some kryptonite medal. eish. and then i go and volunteer to work instead of staying home. so here i am.
but yesterday, the cutest thing happened on the bus. niki and Q were on their way home. this guy was sitting in front of us, and in front of him, was this gal. after a while, he takes out a piece of paper, writes something on it, taps her on the shoulder, and gives it to her. she writes something back...and a few minutes later, he goes and sits next to her and they start talking :D and niki and Q were like 'awwww..thats so sweeeet!' valentine miracle hehe..

gawd. i am so sleepy...and this morning it was sunny and then it got rainy in 2 minutes and it confused me...and i got frowny. and now i have a headache. and im worrying about something that i shouldnt be worrying about. which is silly on my part really. but i think worrying is my thing. and baking.
pink happiness all around.


Waseem said...

You should write a book called Queeneth: The Bus Adventures :).

Happy Wellingtons Day

saaleha. bamjee. hyphen. said...

Getting squashed means you're still around to be squashed. Yay! Love that you're back.

qdee said...

yahoo.co.ukhehe, saaleha :P than you. its good to be back.
waseem, i've been thinking of doing a book like that!

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