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Hi, I’m Queeneth and im in Postgrad ;)

The Q is back for her 100th post…and so named Queeneth by her friend in masters of molecular biology, Stikhat. Ahem. We scratched the name Gulaabji off the list when mum said it paid some reverence to the prostitute in Saawariya. Which by the way, was the crappiest movie ever, only second to the Hindi version of Heartbreakers. It is imperative at this moment to state that ‘MissQ endorses Aamir Khan’s Taare Zameen Par.’ Brilliant! Anyhoo, the Q has grown up. Yes, the wisdoms have started to impose themselves on my much aligned and super sensitive teeth. As nervous as I was to meet the new dentist, I had convinced myself that he would be better than the last one who was a Ben Stiller clone. I was greeted by an ageing, bearded dentist, with a contraption attached to his glasses which made for interesting magnifiers. He just so happened to be hard of hearing too, and while pottering about in my mouth asks, ever few minutes, ‘what you said the problem was bheti?’ shame. He said bismillah a few times, coz I ended up getting a bit violent and pushing his hand away twice, to his horror..judging from the tablighi demeanor, I doubt he’d had that kinda contact with a ghair mahram in a while ;) as for the nurses, they got my name and address wrong about 6 times and couldn’t grasp the concept of M-e-d-i-c-a-l A-i-d, finally announced ‘we are confused’ which didn’t make me feel any better. Ya, so this guy might extract my wisdoms…apparently there’s a streak of brilliance lurking around in him.

The rest of the holiday rocked though..family weddings were the bestest!! We haven’t had close family weddings in a while, and being part of it all just went beyond my expectations. The laudium wedding was so beautiful…it was held in this hall which opened up onto a garden..and my cousin got his and his bride’s names put onto the number plate. too sweet. As for the wedding in dbn, that was like a mafia wedding lol! Black merc parade. But it was stunning just as well.

I need another holiday! Its weird being back on campus. This year, it’s a whole new realm. I a lil bit worried. But its soooo cool having a degree. And then! When they stamp your student card and it says post grad. Yay. At registration, some butch Indian chick came up to my friend and I. She says, ‘ay, you people in fest yeh?’ and we were like, ‘No..we’re in POST GRAD’ hehe!! Its like the guy you’ve liked for 3years who never noticed you, coming up to and asking you out…and then you’re like. ‘no.’ :D in your face! Ok ok..maybe not as thrilling, but it rocks, and it took me a while to get here, after taking like 10 subjects in 1st and 2nd year coz I didn’t know which direction I was headed in. I’m excited about tutoring..ooh, the power of a marking pencil!!
If you’re wondering if im on a sugar high right now…10 points! For some reason I’ve been living off lindt and ferero’s and tumbles recently. Works for me though.

Anyway, im off to attack that chicken and roti thing Dew made me addicted to. Oh, happy Wellington’s Day ppl! @---,--‘

Pink happiness all around ;)


Waseem said...

Queeneth!!! Are you still gonna hold me to that post promise? I dont know what to write. Being so close to Valentines Day, people might get the wrong ideas.

R.I.P. Gullu

bb_aisha said...

the thought of that dentist & ur teeth is cracking me up:-)

qdee said...

lol, waseem, Q never goes back on her word, and doesnt expect you to either ;P
bb aisha: :D if i wasnt so terrified at the time, i would've laughed lol.hugs

Dew said...

Qdee...you back!! you must wait for me - I have to bless my year with that chicken roti thing too!

Hope I see you soon...apparantly I'm not registered entiryly yet. Good to have you back:)

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