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Ooh baby do you know what that’s worth! Ooh heaven is a place on earth!! :D yeah yeah, I don’t care if you cringe ok, its my party and I’ll embarrass myself if I want to. Q needs to get through this morning. I cant function as sehri time, and now its worse. At sehri, I generally get my direction from hitting into things and just keep going til I bash into something else. But now, there are actual people I might topple over on the way to lectures. And im writing this with my eyes half closed so forgive spelling errors. There are two things I need to get off my chest (no O.H- get your mind out of the gutter). Firstly, guys who don’t know their worth. See, approximately 7% of guys are sane. 3% are married, 3% aren’t muslim and then we’re left with the 1% who are good prospects, but think they aren’t good enough. It really annoys me that for most of the decent guys I’ve met, some silly girl has broken their heart/s, and now they’re all depressed and whiny. Im not saying its not hectically crappy that some girls can just mess with a guy and leave him to pick up the pieces of his shattered and barren world etc, but it doesn’t mean that every chic is a liar and will mash up your heart into tiny pieces and scatter grains of your grated soul on it, before putting this platter on the roof and waiting for lightening to strike. I mean, there are good girls out there! Hello? It irks me. One of my friends says he’s depressed and he doesn’t deserve happiness and that’s not gonna change. Coz apparently, he’ll never find a girl..and now he wont believe me either. So I give up on you people. Its your fault you run after those mad girlies who seem all unattainable and full of challenges, and then you look back and realize all the bruises across your chest after they’ve dragged you across the rocks and then your hearts all unprotected and damaged. Kapiche? Listen to Q! wake up! Be a man! Married life with these girlies would be even worse.

Ok.point made. 2nd thing. Don’t freak Q out. its unhealthy coz im very reactionary and freak outable. Do not send me crazy pictures of arb Indian people.ahem. coz I just go silent and I get verrry worried looking at the screen about how to say something appropriate. And I bet you get a kick out of it, but it shocks my nervous system and I get twitchy. And im fasting, so I cant just go calm down with chocolate. But I have pretty candles that mommy bought me to look at ;)
Ooh sparkly ;) ok, im off to another riveting and mind-blowing group meeting. Hopefully, one of the last ones. One more thing, if you feel that you tend to attract weird or psycho ppl, see it as a gift. A gift not many people have. So share it.


Waseem said...

That whole thing about decent guys and needing to accept there are good girls, the same thing applies to decent girls. They get hurt by some random idiot they were attracted to and then find it hard to accept someone can be good to them. Everyone assumes people have an ulterior motive, you have to build up trust I guess.

How do you share the gift, give out their numbers?

qdee said...

waseem: yip, hand em out ;)
you're right though. trust. but it takes forever.just that past experiences shouldnt restrict you

The Organ Harvester said...

shocking pictures hey? fragile hey? weird

Hamza Fareed said...

You know how I know I'm Gay?
Cos I do think that's pretty

My eyes only open when I'm going back to bed :/ after sehri

Descent guys... well no comment

Anonymous said...

Q...i am a decent guy...and decent guys dont reviel themselvz!
cute pic...bt wud u lyt them wen therz a black out? or stil try lo0kn at them? :p or wud u do wat memons do wen its cold? Sit around ur candle...and wen itz v v liquid nitrogen cold...then light it...:-)

The depressed friend said...

The cause of my depression is not that I'll never find a girl, that's the side effect, and even though it is depressing, it's not the root cause.
I'm depressed because of something else,
and unfortunately no one can help.
I'm probably gonna die depressed and alone, and i can't change that even though I want to.

Anonymous said...

haha i just walk into the walls at sehri. not good.

guys and girls both need to catch a wake up call with the opposite sex.
sometimes some guys are so fantastic, and sure the girl has been hurt before&tells the guy don't be like this, but he uses that against her and makes her hear it every time and reminds her of her past when she's clearly gotten over it.
how is she supposed to be happy then with constant reminders? and then he blames her when she leaves.
it's screwed.
oh and that works with both sexes.

ppl...get into a relationship with opens minds and open souls.
don't let the past have a say into your future especially if it was a hurtful one.

i love those candles. i loveeeee pretty candles.

Anonymous said...

Spellcheck...reveal nt reviel,lol...bt ths guy gal thng...quraan has the answer,in dat Allah has kpt pious women 4 pious men,and evil women 4 evil men...i believe dat if we ask Allah,and we patient, Allah wil answer our duaz,n gv us go0d partnerz...my opinion is dat mst ppl in general seem to have lost their sence of sincerity...ppl go out either 4 'a jam!' ,2 fit in, or to stop sickoz 4rm chasing them...some ppl r geniune and have true love,n0 doubt,bt then ths wudnt effect them...the oda nyt on al ansaar afta taraweeh, 1 bayaan was playn,the guy said dat Allah has kpt love in marriage and nikkah,everythng else is the idea of love...makes u thnk hey

qdee said...

Hamza: aww..pretty pink candles;) takes a real man to say he's gay ;)

anon: lol!! yeah, il lyt it when im close to death

depressed: oh, im sorry. but i mea, you're one of the most amazing people i know. i just think you deserve so much happiness.

fatima: omg. now the store has more candles. even prettier ones! watamigonadooo!! hmm..i missed sehri again. not nice. you're so right about the guy girl thing.

anon: ok.al ansaar..that means you're in durbz ;) anyway, maybe thats all we need. patience. coz iv seen some ppl rush into things and now they're heartbroken. as for love...i dont blv it exists before marriage.

the depressed friend said...

I'm one of the most amazing people you know?
I take it back, I don't feel sorry for myself anymore, now I feel sorry for you :D

Anonymous said...

Erm...q...durbz isnt the only place wit al ansaar...pmb,ladysmith,escourt,bergville,drp,shakaskraal,stanger (kwaduguza)...nuf said...im a decent guy...datz awl u nd 2 knw 4 nw...bt caln me anon...reminds me of wen i was small (and dat doesnt mean im gne big...jus im nt small :D) we usd to have a haleem/icecream sponcorship chart,wer ppl wud sponcor haleem and naan and ice cream 4 after taraweeh,sum ppl filld their namez,others paid and wrote anon...i had ths indian neighbour hs name was anon (prenouncd aanin)...i was undr the impression dat he was a huge sponcor of ramadaan go0diez at the musjid,until my bro ( yes i hav a bro) tld me it was anonym0us,to0k me bt a wk to grasp the term...i miss my g i joez!!

The Organ Harvester said...

Dont you mean sponsorship. MMM. ja. that's all for now.

Anonymous said...

Yip OH...sponsorship...ryt,nw its saved in ths weird predictd txt,ya using my fne...i made n0 mistakes 2nyt! :P

!Joe! said...

those candles are sooo lovely!!!!i dont think you should even use them, they're too pretty.

i suppose guys are becoming more sensitive these days. the tables have turned, some girls get over guys much sooner than guys get over girls, (ok, not all, but i've seen it in some cases). i think it's the whole "im every woman-i dont need a man" thing we're being exposed to all the time. Guys, go read some cosmo/glamour/female mag, it will help you build self-worth in the love department. Confidence is attractive.

qdee said...

anon: just trying to narrow it down...my curiosity is one of my annoying points. but i think i have an idea of who you are ;)

jo: confidence definitely rocks. but damn whitney houston and 'im every woman' for making us think we didnt need em ;)

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