1:59 AM


im a dopericot.
a mix between a donut and an apricot.
what are you?


The Organ Harvester said...

I'M a deopard, a cross between a donkey and a leopard. we could go into the obvious, but this is a family blog. so let's just say i'm stubborn. and i sometimes hang out in trees. and eat stuff raw. and growl. and purr when my belly is scratched. too much info?

!Joe! said...

hmmm...i'm a turtle. sorry, i ain't mixed :D my daddy was a turtle, my mama was a turtle. we don't cross the specie line. its forbidden. Aparthide, and all that. My aunt fell in love with a bull, and they had to go into hiding. She has two turt-ulls. Then they lassoed her husband, did the pencil test on him and it didn't fall from his twisted horns. so they took him away...:(

Waseem said...

:D sorry for your uncle Joe.

Im a nanmagaj ... boring like nankatai and overly sweet like chanamagaj.

p.s. I dont know how to spell nankatai

The Organ Harvester said...

HAMISH vomits. HAMISH does dig overly sweet indian sweet meats. except for gulabjam.

M Junaid said...

some girls have called me a dog - i dont know why though - because i dont pick my leg up when i pee, and neither do i ... my .... (sigh. in a perfect world)

some girls used to call me daddy, but they'r much too old to be mine.

i'm a man-hoe
part manatee, part hobo.

mj doesnt like sweetmeats - except suter fenni, and pista burfee - that is the shizznizz

r said...

all this talk of nankhatais n burfee is making me hungry.. Now u woke the tummy up. sshhh...

qdee said...

LOL joe! :D that was a ripper!!
ok..i dont know whats happening on my chatbox

The Organ Harvester said...

NANKHATAI - sounds like a martial arts weapon. like enter the ninja, return of the nankhatai.

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