10:41 PM

i have 8 minutes to write something

Q is uneasy.
Q has sent you a lily, a bumble bee and a rose for your garden.
Q has invited you to join the group 'what addicted people do when facebook is taken away.'
inspired by nikhat, who is right now in the lab, making clones of lana, who will go around straightening each others' hair with ghd irons and then disperse and burn other people with them.
nikhat is brilliant i tell you. brilliant.
oh and to mj: have a great trip. im gonna miss you like memon ppl miss gold when they arent wearing it.
big hug.
and also, to he who cannot be named...Q's days will be brighter


The Organ Harvester said...

I hate t5hose 8 minute warnings. I been slacking off. I still have not touched the chocolate or the doughnuts... I used to be a soldier

Anonymous said...

8 minutes...8 minutes! U shud c wat ppl can do in 8 minutes at iftaar...yoh!...1 kajo0r, 1 smal glass zamzam,datz k...bt then,8 sam0osaz 6 piez 2 and half spring rollz 2 bowls haleem, 1 500ml bottle of milkshake,and they stil make it in tym 4 da last rakaat of magrib salaat,lol...
2 Q...ther wil b brighter days,kp ur head up,n kp those close to u...a little closer :d

Anonymous said...

Meant :-)

qdee said...

lol!! anon, reveal yourself ;)
that was hilarious!
OH: what? dont disappoint us

M Junaid said...

aww :)
thank you so much for the well wishes and the sms and the motherly enquiries
was an amazing trip - very productive. tons of fun

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