11:50 PM

MissQ's ideal job ;)


The Organ Harvester said...

Ok, now I am a believer. You know I have sold certain relatives to Arab slave traders for Ice Cream. I once made it, but my mom gave it away before I tasted it because this aunty was saying how nice it was. It upset me.

Waseem said...

Waseems ideal job is to sleep the whole day or a game tester for Xbox.

Or a dessert taster

M Junaid said...

Mj's ideal job would be to carve the clouds into fluffy animal shapes, and let the sea breeze splash my face as i sail into the ocean.. and all that gay shit ..

but seriously - my dream job would be to be a food tester, or be that guy that does that thing on tv :D

MJ loves boobs, so perhaps a stint at FHM isnt out of the question. Only had boobs in my head the whole day - aah - what a great day

!Joe! said...

aah, if only they offered this kinda job...my ideal job would be to create origami structures for the world...huge ones. made from paper, carved from stone to look like origami. and people must use them as precedent studies at universities. and touch 'em.

qdee said...

OH: i thought u sold em for chocolate..lol, you made icecream? i know some ppl who think they shit icecream.like me. i crap mozart ;P

waseem:dessert taster wins!

mj:lol, you can be Bubbles (chris tucker) from rush hour ;)

joe: thats one of the best jobs iv heard in a while

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