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wholesome happiness...

MissQ is happy…content and smiling. Absolute best weekend. So I lost the bowling as expected and captain juju was a pretty modest winner ;) lol ok, maybe he went home and did a victory dance – and filmed it. Weird how you sometimes only realize how much you’ve missed someone til the moment you see them at the door and that all this time, you’ve settled for mediocrity and become a cardboard person. But I think I scared him with my rage in Joyland lol, in his words ‘the basket ball fury of winter 2007’ and in my words, the night he won me ‘the gay teddy bear.’ Brilliant Kodak moment. Other juju moments:
Out at breakfast one morning:
Juju: whose that singer – the blonde one with the Ben Affleck jaw?
Q: umm…Michael Bolton?
Juju: No no…Jessica Simpson! That’s it.

To my mum as we were leaving on Saturday night:
Q: be good, no house parties mommy.
Juju: we’ll be phoning to check up on you to see if you’re behaving ;)
Lol, mum went red. It was too cute.

I cant remember the rest in order lol…they were better, but im keeping them to myself for later blackmail reference ;) im just glad out of all the people we went to school with who he cant remember, I didn’t fade away into oblivion.
But then he had to go away ;( in a plane ;( Til December ;( Not nice.
I think the next night jo and I freaked mj out with our ability to wolf down huge savoury waffles and drinks and an extra hot chocolate – and mj’s smile which gave our waitress a spring in her step and a heart in his milkshake ;) oh and I did things missQ doesn’t usually do, like buying striped clothing. Q doesn’t do stripes. She’s afraid of colours getting too close for comfort with each other and fighting for attention, but I think perfect weekend unleashed the need for colour – and this pink and white striped creation makes me dizzy, but its fun and smiley and happy and energetic ;) like current ecstatic, sparkly state (green mxit smiley here). Wholesome happiness. That’s the way it should be.

Speaking of wholesome thingies, MissQ got all domesticated yesterday! I put on my swarovsky earrings, sparkly top, new jeans – and went to the kitchen…made these yummy date crunchies..ooh, with dates, rice crispies, tennis biscuits and coconut…see:

They’re so yummy and crunchy with the bits of biscuit, I had some for breakfast, u know, coz it did have cereal in it ;) and they take like 7 minutes to make! sugar rush after-effects kicking in now…and I made lil mash potato and veg pies…great day for mum lol. Oh, mum went to this AIDS training course with all these other KZN pharmacists and she totally rocked it! She was group leader and they had these hectic questions and my mommy blew em away, me soo proud of her ;) I think when she came home that day, I started thinking about my exam results…had forgotten about them in current state of smileyness. And I had this dream where because of the strike, the IOLS department told us to go collect our marks at 9pm…so I went – in my pj’s! and everybody saw! And I had these big fluffy slippers that kept making noise and I kept running away from the office, but they made so much noise that it got ppl’s attention…terrible! So I ran to this cave and I didn’t realize I was running towards this mafia den. Gawd. They had aquariums built into the walls or something. Well. At least I wasn’t naked.

Ugh.results.makes me sick thinking about it…wasn’t the best exam period I’ve had. but we’ll see I suppose. And this ache in my jaw isn’t helping! I ate something 2 weeks ago and I heard this ‘click’ in my jaw and then it got all wonky and painful…I thought by now, it would’ve clicked itself into correction, but I guess my stubbornness is a physical trait too…I don’t wanna go to doc…but 2weeks is forever.

MissQ’s song of the month: Michael Bublè - ‘My Everything.’
*beeeeg hug*
Smiles are contagious :D you’re infected now ;)


M Junaid said...

im always glad when you are content and smiling . mj was perusing blogs today and he read one that made him smile :P
its like - it was written for you, and no one else tainted the message with their stupid 2 cent comment (G)

What can i say - Milky Lane Waitresses love MJ - even the menopausal middle aged ones :D

Miss you too Q!. Tons!

taqdeer said...

hehe, very cute :)

Those "yum-crisp-wow" snacks just made me hungry! They look delectable :)~

Glad to hear your mom blew those people away. I think if she took some of your "yum-crisp-wow's" with, she wouldhv gotten a seat in parliament :D

Don't worry about your results :)
All dunyah things that can easily be repeated :)

Waseem said...

Good luck for your results, but i saw somewhere that you get deans commendations and things (i think it was how you and Joe met on facebook :)) so im sure you will be fine.
your creation sounds very tasty, i seem to always getting hungry when i visit your blog.

Take care

Fatima said...

Ok I'm feeling happy after reading your post.
Lol :D

And I'm going to get fat on the cake I was avoiding for the past few days because you've just made me liss for something yummy!
Shame on you Q!

Congrats to your mum :D And don't stress about exams...I'm sure you'll be fine. I, on the other hand, had the worst exam period ever. I feel like crying when I think of it *Sob*

bibi-aisha said...

Qd,ur blog would make even the grumpiest person smile.i was chirpy when i startd readin it,nw i feel extra chirpy n want to spread the love:-)

Fatima said...

Q...i forgot to mention.... I LOVE THAT SONG.... in fact i was listening to it while reading your blog...and it's great music to listen to while reading your blog :P

The K-man said...

Hey got to agree with the others, very happy post, im all smiles , thanks. And ill join fatima and have some cake...well is malva pudding but still. :)

Anonymous said...

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Shabbir Banoobhai’s

water would suffice - reflections of love

Date: Tuesday – 26 June 2007

Time: 5.45 pm for 6.00pm

Venue: Quarterdeck, Point Yacht Club, Durban
Off Victoria Embankment - The Esplanade.

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juju said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
juju said...

Hey Q
I just updated my blog
so take a look at it if you get time

And for Heaven's sake, plz go to the doc.

Hmmm, those crispy thingies you made look pretty damn good, got me all hungry now.
Of course you'll have to make a fresh batch for me to taste the next time I come to visit.

Thanks again for the cd Q
Ooh and great song choice for song of the month,

Miss you a lot Q


qdee said...

mj: sweety, whats happening with that pic? anyway, yeah, that blog ws sweet, just read it now..
miss you hun.

taqdeer: hehe, i shall call em that from now on...im worried coz i need to get the highest mark.if i dont, i'll overdose on yum-crisp-wow's and ill get all fat-miserable-sick.

waseem: yeah, food, glorious food!

fatima: aww, sowi! umm, cake makes evrything better! gawd, i love that song! the world just stops when i hear it.

bibi-aisha: great!! Smile :) erm, but not at the wrong ppl - i just got asked how much i want for lobola by the security guard..

k-man: hmm, ur second person to mention malva pudding..conspiracy or coincidence?

juju: full of demands hey ;) well, i just got back from doc - apparently its coz he says im a 'grinder' lol, me grind my teeth in my sleep, so im self destructive etc...but i got strong medication!! :D yay!!

juju said...

You mean to tell me, you weren't on strong medication all this time.
God help us all, she's only gonna get worse.

mazozo said...

Awww mwa q

If the meds make you even happier then you r then its all good lol take care u

Salma said...

Heey qdee :)
very nice,joyable post ;)
Awww these date crunchies look so delicious...me too..hungry now lol.
Cool,I also bought a new striped blouse but the strips are blues and off-whites.
Insha'Allah your results will be great :))

Dew said...

Q i have all the faith that you will do awesome or you can call me dew the monkey (please do well hun!) :P

wishing you loads of flowers

!Joe! said...

coconut drives me insane, like a babboon thumping his chest...i've already decided to give coconut clusters at my wedding...cheap but yum...
lol, gay teddy bear...now your "teddy family" is cosmopolitan/multicultural/non-denominational...gawd, so many words i can't think of the right one...
Your ma rocks! :D love you!

!Joe! said...

oh, i love michael buble too...not as much as Robbie, but i do like him alot...:D i love caramel voices...im gonna go put up my buble pic! :)

Priya said...

yum for those crunchies.

my friend just gave me the new buble CD...man, i am loving it. good choice, yaar.

The Organ Harvester said...

hahaha. well at least you had your pjs. i got the stereotypical shirt and no pants edition. and although it was a dream, i swear it was cold.

qdee said...

shame! organ harvester...certainly needs nelow zero degrees to keep you alive. ok lame joke.

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