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At my first high school fair, I remember mom buying me one of those frames with the meaning of your name in it and all those funny little qualities that were attributed to you because of it…I think mine said ‘I had a few friends but they meant the world to me’ (which at the time, was a load of hogwash, coz I had lotsa acquaintances who basically copied my homework and used my stapler) and I had no good friends for a while at that icy private school; and it said I’d thrive in the political arena – which, for a shy, awkward girl, was as far-fetched as pole dancing ;)

Many years on, and there I was last week, talking to my tutor about choices of courses next year and it hit me that this entire dynamic world of power, people who use it, abuse it…its consequences on people, this economy that keeps people lusting after influence while others on the ground fighting for ‘the good of the people’….it all just makes me tick! And I want to have an opinion, not just let it all pass and look back and think, ‘damn, shouldn’t have let that go.’ Lol, I don’t wanna be an ashwin desai or some MEC in South Africa with assassination plots on my tail or even one of those bullet-proof vested reporters (by the way, how’s that gonna help if you get shot in the head? I think bullet-proof helmets is a niche market waiting to be explored! ;)), but researcher or political analyst sounds nice? Well…after I have a good few pounds to my name.

And while on this epic journey of self-discovery, I’ve decided on a few other fundamental things like – I want to have cake at my wedding. Why doesn’t anyone have wedding cake anymore? I know its not an ‘Islamic tradition’ (hmm…those words aren’t supposed to be together, but you know where im headed), but cake’s important! Ok, so last week’s episode of Top Billing may have influenced me, but I have to have a 3 tier white cake, with long strings of light blue glass beads hanging delicately off the top and middle tier, all reflecting the light…oh and silver dust! Um…and I don’t want all ribbons and fussy things on it. It has to be simple and classy and yummy! Its been on my mind this week. Ended up going to a unique wedding last week…it was a small nikah and dinner at Bombay to Beirut (Ohmygod…prawns, chicken jalfrezi…Italian kisses, really helped my flu), but the whole thing was a bit of a somber affair. See, she was becoming a second wife, and also, her mom passed away last year. It was different – none of the groom’s immediate family attended except his mom. And while many people had a lot to say, she’s happy – and I think not having your own mum at your wedding must be one of the worst things to have to deal with. As for the second wife thing..he has 3 kids already. I mean, how must they have felt? Anyway, it all went well I guess. But there was no cake for em to slice! ;) it would be so cool to freeze it and indulge a year later. Even if you break a tooth on the icing.lol. Surviving a year of marriage is an accomplishment these days. Hmm, though I wonder if people would really want to see one year old frozen cake…missQ has crazy idea to go put a piece of swiss roll in the freezer now and see what happens next year this time. Tried doing that to white roses with pink, sugared petals, but I think the maid threw them out with the iced bananas I had stashed in there and forgot about.

Anyhoo, lots of interesting and exciting things happening this week ;) meeting a friend I haven’t seen in aaages! And she has a lil baby! so im gonna get to pinch his cheeks and tickle him and feed him all mashed up things and dress him up like a sailor lol ;) That’s if I don’t freak him out the moment I smile widely at him and grab him.
Damn I miss blogging ;( but MissQ needs to focus on writing something worth-while this holiday. Will check in now and then. Miss you.


juju said...

I think there's more people that care about you than you think Q.
And lets face it, we both know that there's no doubt you gonna have a great career ahead of you as a pole dancer... urrr....i mean researcher or political analyst.
(ok, stop, concentrate, try and get the picture of Q pole dancing outta your head....ok done.... now breathe, breathe, focus and move on)

A wedding cake not such a bad idea, not really for me (guys really don't care for that sort of stuff), but i don't see anything wrong with it. But it has to be simple, and providing you don't pop out of it (dammit, not again, breathe, breathe, focus and move on).

Supper sounded awesome, making me kinda hungry.
Second wife hey....Good luck.

I'm gonna be playing with my new nephew this weekend. Not exactly what to do, he can't exactly speak or do anything yet.

Missing you alot Q
Take care

PS: Prepare for your hiding at Pavillion

Nazeer said...

Just recently scientists have discovered a food which diminishes womens' sex drive by 91%. It's called wedding cake...
Go figure :P~

Anonymous said...

I like cake

Ruby :) said...

oh, i agree with you re. the wedding cake ... my sister didnt want one, so i had it made secretly, and gave it to her the night before her wedding, as her gift from me.. and she loved it!! i will def. be having one at my wedding.. one-day..
As for the freinds; it is better to have a few friends that you can truely count on, instaed of a bunch of users, trust me, i found this out in my old age.. lol

BanikaB said...

Hi...I surfed over from a friend's page (but fancy seeing Ruby here!)

You've set some pretty admirable goals for yourself! =) I'd be interested to know what the role of a political analyst is in South Africa. I have that role for the government here and it's not even close to what I imagined (though I really enjoy it). Hopefully you'll be able to enact some real positive change.

As for the wedding cake, it doesn't seem like you'd have any problems with 1 year old frozen icing - you seem like a pro at freezing yummy confections! I'm kinda anti-wedding cake. My cousin had 4 3-tiered wedding cakes at her wedding, all different flavours. Seemed kinda a waste cause when someone didn't like one kind, they went back for another kind. I don't want me cake going to waste on a buncha peolpe who won't even finish it! I think I'll opt for a cake display made out of cupcakes.

Or you could decide to just celebrate everyday with cake!

BanikaB said...

Oops! Wrong Ruby...sorry about that!

Waseem said...

You dont need an occasion for cake ... you should have it whenever you want. Why not buy a new cake for the 1st year anniversary :P. So that way at your wedding you can have your cake and eat it too :D

Anonymous said...


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