2:35 AM

conversations of another world (2)

On the bus…crabby, its early, staring out the window..

Q (feeling sorry for herself, thinking): gawd. I shouldn’t have to take the dam bus! Life isn’t going anywhere. I wish something good would just happen, coz I’m letting everything go…its so unfair.
*two girls start talking behind me…
A: How was your trip to Zambia?
B: oh it was stunning! Such a lovely place to have a conference. Everyone was there.
A: sounds good – made any new friends?
B: Quite a few actually – I met this lady. Her husband just died last month and she was so strong, but on the inside you could see she was all cut up. She wouldn’t eat anything, she kept talking about him, like she couldn’t believe her whole life had disappeared with him.
A: oh my gosh…that’s terrible. I cant imagine what I’d do if that happened to me…but you used to talk with her?
A: yeah, we became good friends…and I met this other guy…he was in a wheelchair. He had no legs, but it didn’t let him stop him from getting to the conference…
B: wow, your trip sounded so inspiring! You must have learnt so much.
A: yeah…I realized that I’m so lucky…at least I have one leg.


juju said...

Don't feel sorry for yourself Q,
there's something massive in your future. I've more confidence in you achieving something great than anyone else I know.
Miss you

PS: Again, be prepared for your hiding at Pavillion

Anonymous said...

Indeed. It's so selfcentered to moan and complain. While people complain about not having shoes, someone else has no feet.

Priya said...

jeez...talk about mysterious ways.

r said...

wow that struck a nerve.

mazozo said...

Too tru too true we all need hear things like that sometimes Hmmm

qdee said...

juju: right, i had that coming ;)
miss you too

taqdeer: indeed..we all need a wake up sometimes

priya: totally gal!

r, mazozo: yip, just had to share.

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