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this one! this is the baba i want...

im sooo tired. I got the flu and its that achy feeling all over that makes you wish someone would just flatten you out with a rolling pin lol…I really have to rock my paper today. Hehe, I had a crazy dream about my lecturer whose paper im writing today. We were in Pirates of the Caribbean (no, I wasn’t keira) and the sea was at the bottom of the library…and he insisted that the only way I could pass was if I changed my clothes, ironed them, and put em back on again. Anyway, I refused and ended up in the CCMA where I was fighting for the right to eat my lunch in class ;) but it didn’t stop there! Later on, I found out he got a job in a pharmacy as the parcel-counter guy! And he was sitting there, marking my work and he gave me 23% for something!! Yeah..thats about it.
Was doddling around at home yesterday when all these people from my class started calling to find out about today…so I just watched my phone flashing…but this girl asked me the other day ‘are you sure you don’t know more than what the rest of us know about what’ll be in the paper?’ now that made me mad! And I asked ‘what are you implying?’ and she was kinda shocked but it really surprised me…

Oh well, MissQ’s last day today. Cant decide about this holiday…I had all these plans about getting together with friends…now im thinking I should work. Hmm..i should see whether im alive by next week Monday…this flu isn’t pretty. Some ppl can pull off a pretty flu – where they tend to look all cute and warm…im not like that. I look deathly sick, like I sold my soul to the devil. That happens in Ramadaan too.
I was thinking…fate or ‘God’s will’ can really have you in awe sometimes…recently, I was at the bustop and my friend smsed to say she was on her way..lol the bus came and went but I decided to wait for her and took the later bus. When we got to town, it was eerie and quiet and most of the shops were closed…if I had taken the earlier bus, I would’ve been caught in the midst of a violent march which I hadn’t even thought about. On the same day, I decided to take the bus before my usual stop (I take 2buses a day) and as we approached the place where I normally take the bus, the cops were out in full force coz right then and there, there was some drug bust and a shootout…if that wasn’t enough to freak me out…this morning, I somehow got the early bus, and mum called me just now to tell me that there was a shootout outside the bank there a few minutes after I had gotten the bus. Makes you wonder. Luck? Good timing? Fate? I think its no coincidence that certain factors allow you to be in these places at the right time. And we may think that Allah (SWT) lets us down by making life difficult sometimes or not fulfilling your duaas immediately…but looking closer, its His very protection that keeps us breathing..that allows me to walk through town everyday and not have my fears realized…that keeps my mum safe everyday…lol even kept Jo alive during those ‘Architorture’ days when she used to walk through Russell Street with her bag!!

And I think in subtle way, He takes nonsense out of your life..shows you people’s true colours before you make mistakes…and it can make you angry about getting hurt, but in essence, He saves you from making bigger mistakes that can impact you further on. Patience, I think is crucial. Ok, enough philosophy for today…

MissQ isn’t going to be around for a lil bit…seeing as internet at home still not hooked up – and internet cafĂ© boy looks at me funny ;) so…here are my demands:
1. jo and MissQ have to bake cupcakes together!
2. Mj: you can be the taster. Pyari pyari lamhe my sugardumpling :)
3. Dew and us need to stop avoiding the ice and go skating
4. Mario, do not jet off anywhere without informing MissQ! If you land up in a war-torn place with a slab of chocolate and ppl trying to steal it from you or bomb you – hand over the chocolate! And if you’re near the sea and a tsunami approaches – do not run towards the water! :D
5. juju: I suggest you either start training or prepare for defeat in the bowels of Pav bowling alley ;) MissQ will conquer!
And to the rest of blogworld…I demand that you keep being brilliant…and ever great. Waseem and Taqdeer and Fatima :)

I’d like to thank Karan Johar for giving me this opportunity…to work with such greats and still keep my sari on and my ankles healthy after running through the field of blogosphere while singing Kabhi Kabhi ;)

Right. Meds kicking in! im off..ooh, chicken tikka tonight ;P


juju said...

you're one of a kind Q;
you really are one of a kind.

btw, I think those meds got you delusional, theres no way you gonna beat me.

I'm sure you'll do fine with this exam.

hope you get better soon.
And thank God your safe, and may He keep you safe forever more.

qdee said...

aww juju ;) its sooo cute you think u can beat me..
thanx, you're one of a kind too - gues that makes two of us :P
keep safe.miss u always.

Waseem said...

aaw i want to taste cupcakes too

Why would they think you know more than them about the paper?

Get well soon

qdee said...

tanx waseem...lol ur cupcake is in the mail ;)

!Joe! said...

your philosophical bit is so true. We all need to appreciate the small but good things that happen in our lives on a daily basis instead of yearning for things that Allah knows isn't good for us...that said, i wish that MJ would just get over his nerves and ask me out already :D:D:D i cannot imagine life without you!!!God loves you doll, cos you keep missing the bad stuff...at least now your exams are over you can relax at home away from your usual drug lords and so on...:)
ask internet cafe boy out!:) ooh cupcakes with rich icing yum...we definitely have to bake together!
lol at the thank you speech :D you have to thank Big B too! i can see you singing and running in flower-filled fields :D

'liya said...

Awwwwww that picture is SO cute!

Good luck and feel better soon!

mario said...

lol christ! how did u know that i AM most probably going to a war-torn place soon!!? thats freaky. doubt they hav decent choc there though...

Yaseen said...

This is a very interesting dream....gonna miss reading you while you gone...

Zahira said...

hmmm i wonder how is it possible that you are sick yet still manage to have an appetite for chicken thicka? Just wondering...
i'm sure you aced your exams though people who have bad dreams about their tutors and exams are always the clever ones who pass like with out even thinking about it...
should i even comment on the baba pic again lol
miss you girl

Anonymous said...

Very cute pic :D

I hope you feel better already, and I know you did well in your exams :)

Anonymous said...

ps: That baby looks just like 'Pucca' :)

Google Image: pucca


qdee said...

joe: lol, u too kewt sweetie ;) eish, i cant ask internet boy out- he's too close to the butchery ;)

mario: are you serious? omg. freaky. hope you keep safe!

yaseen: miss u too, but glad im gonna see u soon!

zahira: mm, chicken tikka craving is always there...like debonairs pizza

taqdeer: LOL! omg...yeah, im willing to pay for that kid!

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