11:42 PM

yesterday's murder

Gashing at my flesh
As fresh as yesterday’s murder,
Notes surge through frozen indigo veins
Bringing blue lips to life once again.

Why did you bring me here again?
‘to recompose the decomposed,’ my dear.
Barely brushing the autumn leaves,
I linger in memories swirling yellows and pinks…
Dancing along the trail of bloody warmth.

Echoing through an eerie midnight,
Shadows laugh…and silence my screams…
Darkened spirits await me in their
Leafy slumber
Gnawing at my wedding dress

You take my brittle hand and walk me down
The aisle of death you laid out for me
A thousand times before
Tonight’s murder is just the same --
A kiss in the August breeze

Until tomorrow, the axe strikes twice,
‘you have to get rid of those stains,’ my dear
I sink into the shallow grave
You dig up ever so often and
Smile beneath your precious feet.


M Junaid said...

i'm sure you posted this one up before. but hey - a new year, a new audience - besides - i dont mind - i enjoy your poetry :)

Anonymous said...

hi, its divashni. WOW, thats very deep. the poem is very intriguing.

Sana said...

Wah, wah is all i can say... depth of thought: always a good choice in my books.

call a rose by any other name it'll still smell the same...

'don’t be afraid to show the world the real you: masquerades serve only to turn your life into one big lie; and soon, you too will fall prey to forgetting the very essence of your being: who you are and what you stand for' (yours truly)

Miss Chang:-)

huzain said...

hey howzit nice work love it.P.S that sana girl is weird

Sana said...

2 huzain: weird, i'd say that's putting it rather mildly... more like electrifyingly charismatic/ eccentric. life's too full of cardboard characters for me liking. hope you don't fit the prototype, LOL! x-pressionz... Just be!

Dew said...

I roll my eyes at the above conversation:)

I love this poem. Always did. Scarily beautiful.

saaleha said...


qdee said...

huz, dont fight with sana - you wont win.lol :)

sana: someone told me i hide behind my poetry.

dew: i miss my sanity

saaleha: coming from you, thats major :)

kimya said...

hey Qdee!

wow.. and you can only call it hiding if your poetry was a blank wall.. thEN you;d be hidden :P

this is an expressiOn of nOte and of course, speaks colourful volumes of its aUthor :)


SingleGuy said...

howcome it doesn't rhyme?

qdee said...

single guy...poems dont have to rhyme. they just have to have struvture and rhythm

Mukhtar Ahmad Khan said...

:) Excellent piece. The depth that it reaches takes you away from the world you are in.

Poetry to me is the release of deep thought that so often encapsulates your mind. People are poets by the thoughts they have if they only put their thoughts onto paper.

But the ability to find the true thoughts in worded form is what makes a great poet.

Well done - like the way you think.

Bilal said...

this is nice.
you are talented.
use it wisely:)

The K-man said...

Wow that was so awesome. ‘to recompose the decomposed,’ really cool stuff. You are really talented. I am not worthy I am not worthy !

r said...

Mwa.. Im still waiting 4 ur book missy! Im not qualified 2 giv analyses.. But im mesmerised. Th words seem 2 dance in front of me, lyk they'v been given life n they'r playing their own little game, holding these secrets hostage that every1 claims 2 see but no1 truly understands.. love it =)

qdee said...

thanks :)
r, you are so right!

bibi-aisha said...

Wow.yup, u hav talent! mashallah.

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